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Tong Tong Wu, PhD

Tongtong WuAssociate Professor of Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Director, M.A. in Statistics and M.S. in Biostatistics Programs
Ph.D. (2006) University of California, Los Angeles

Contact Information

University of Rochester
Dept of Biostatistics and Computational Biology
265 Crittenden Boulevard, CU 420630 
Rochester, New York 14642-0630
Office: Saunders Research Building 4141
Phone: (585) 276-6858
Fax: (585) 273-1031


Research Interests

As a biostatistician, Dr. Tong Tong Wu’s research interests include high-dimensional data analysis, survival analysis, machine learning, computational statistics, and computational biology and statistical genetics. She is also interested in statistical applications and collaborations in various health, medical, and scientific areas, such as cancer, HIV, epidemiology, psychology, and medical engineering.

Selected Publications

(*: joint first or senior authors; $: corresponding author; **: advisee/trainee of Dr. Wu)

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Statistical Papers

Collaborative Papers

  • Ren, J., Ramirez, G.A., Proctor, A.R., Wu, T.T.#, Benoit, D., and Choe, R. (2020) Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging for Longitudinal Monitoring of Vascularization during Mouse Femoral Graft Healing. Biomedical Optics Express, accepted.
  • Xiao, J., Fogarty, C., Wu, T.T.#, Alkhers, N., Zeng, Y., Thomas, M., Youssef, M., Wang, L., Cowens, L., Abdelsalam, H., and Nikitkova, A. (2019) Oral health and Candida carriage in socioeconomically disadvantaged US pregnant women. BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, Volume 19, 480.
  • Chen,W.**, Fitzpatrick, J., Monroy-Trujillo, J., Sozio, S., Jaar, B., Estrella, M.,Wu, T.T.#, Melamed, M., Parekh, R., and Bushinsky, D.A. (2019) Diabetes Mellitus Modifies the Associations of Serum Magnesium Concentration with Arterial Calcification and Stiffness in Incident Hemodialysis Patients. Kidney International Reports, Volume 4(6), 1794-1821.
  • Konkel, B., Lavin, C., Wu, T.T.#, Anderson, E., Iwamoto, A., Rashid, H., Gaitian, B., Boones, J., Cooper, M., Abrams, P., Gilbert, A., Tang, Q., Levi, M., Fujimoto, J.G., Andrews, P., and Chen, Y. Fully automated analysis of OCT imaging of human kidneys for prediction of post-transplant function. Biomedical Optics Express, accepted.
  • Young, D.R., Sidell, M., Koebnick, C., Saksvig, B.I., Mohan, Y., Cohen, D., and Wu, T.T.#* (2019) Longitudinal Sedentary Time among Females from Ages 17 to 23 Years. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 56(4), 540-547.