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URMC / Burn & Trauma Center / Intensive Care

Kessler Family Intensive Care Unit

Kessler ICUThe Kessler Burn & Trauma Center has built a 19,000-square-foot, world-class Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for adults. The Kessler Family ICU is strategically located directly above the two-story Gannett Emergency Department and the Kessler Trauma Unit at Strong Memorial Hospital on Elmwood Avenue.

Located one floor above the Kessler Family ICU, is a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at the Golisano Children's Hospital. Currently, the Kessler Burn Center is the center in the Rochester area capable of treating children with burns.

This configuration is ideal for optimal speed and efficient patient care. The Kessler Family Intensive Care Unit is easily accessible from the Operating Rooms, Emergency Department, PICU, and the helipad.

The Kessler Family ICU features the region's largest center with the most advanced equipment and resources, allowing for easy transfer between the units for more seamless patient care.

Advanced Burn and Trauma Care

Kessler ICUThe Kessler Burn & Trauma Center has 23 rooms, with 16 dedicated intensive care rooms and 7 Burn/Step-Down rooms.

The intensive care rooms in the Kessler Family ICU have special environmental controls and ventilation systems to aid in patient management. The unit is equipped with the latest informational technology support, including wireless connections and telephony support. All rooms have attached computer stations for immediate access to patient information to streamline their care.

The Kessler Family ICU also includes:

  • Family waiting room, spacious and private, so family members have a quiet place to rest and spend time together.
  • Centralized nursing stations located at either end of the unit, to make it easy for nurses to carefully monitor patients and quickly respond to their needs.
  • Step-Down patient rooms where less critically ill patients stay during their recovery in the hospital.
  • Classroom for presentations, support group meetings and other gatherings, with materials for patients, family members and staff.
  • Consultation room, a centrally located space where families can speak or meet with physicians and other team members privately; this alternative to trying to speak privately in a hallway is one more way this unit will ease the anxieties of people already under stress.
  • Hydrotherapy Room

This combined center, where burn and trauma patients are cared for in the same area, is one of the first in the nation and is expected to become a national model for burn and trauma care. Burn and trauma care are distinct specialties, but because of the similarities in the types and severity of injuries, the issues facing patients and staff often overlap. This center makes care more efficient and effective, taking advantage of easy access to the best people and equipment available.