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URMC / Burn & Trauma Center / Burn Center / Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Room

The Kessler Burn Center features a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy treatment room. Hydrotherapy (shower) treatment is preferred by the Kessler Burn Center over submersion methods, because it continually washes away dead skin and bacteria, minimizing a patient's risk of infection.  The hydrotherapy treatment room is an especially important treatment modality for recuperating burn patients. Hydrotherapy uses warm running water to help the healing process of a burn injury. We use it to clean patient wounds and assess the healing progress.

Our burn care staff can treat both patients who are critically ill and unable to move, along with more stable patients in the hydrotherapy room with a stainless steel stretcher shower for critical patients and a shower chair for the more able patients. When patients assist in their own wound care it allows for ease in range of motion. We find that the patient's recovery process progresses faster, they get relief from pain, and feel more comfortable doing physical therapy exercises in warm water.