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URMC / Burn & Trauma Center / Burn Center / Rehabilitation


Our goal in treating burn patients is to help them recover as fully, quickly, and comfortably as possible. That means caring for the whole person, not just the damaged tissue, focusing not only on medical and surgical procedures, but also on the broad range of physical, social, and psychological issues that accompany traumatic injuries.

For example, we place strong emphasis on aggressive physical and occupational therapy. Patients receive occupational and physical therapy every day they’re in the hospital, starting with an evaluation within 24 hours of their admission to the Kessler Burn Center.

Occupational therapists help splint, stretch, and work with the scars of the healed burn wound. They make custom splints, face masks, and other devices to help burn survivors complete activities of daily living and transfer more easily. Our physical therapists help patients get stronger and increase their range of motion and mobility. The Center’s fully equipped therapy room, exclusively for burn and trauma patients, is staffed around the clock. We provide continuity of care by utilizing the same team to work with patients on an ongoing basis even after they go home.

Other members of our multidisciplinary burn team offer services such as:

  • Chaplain services
  • Social services: Our social workers help burn survivors and their families cope with everything from social issues to managing the financial aspects of their treatment.
  • Nutritional services: Our nutritionists are key to the healing process. They meet with patients and design nutrition plans to support healing and recovery. Learn more about the diet for burn recovery patients.