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Burn Treatment Services

Our goal in treating burn patients is to help them recover as fully, quickly, and comfortably as possible. That's why the burn treatment team stays by the patient's side throughout the entire treatment process.

The process begins with extensive evaluation and resuscitation procedures during the first three days after injury. During this acute phase, we concentrate on helping the patient be as comfortable as possible, providing fluids and checking for other related injuries and conditions.

Types of Burns

There are varying degrees of burn injuries. Learn more about types of burns.

The Kessler Burn Center accepts and treats all burn patients, from adults to children and from minor burns to severe burn injuries.

The Most Advanced Treatments

Throughout the healing process, we use the most advanced technologies and innovative treatments available, such as skin grafts and vacuum-assisted closure techniques (VAC).

Other important components of the healing process are hydrotherapy, wearing pressure garments, rehabilitation, and nutrition.

Skin Grafts

Treatment of severe burns includes the implementation of one or in some cases multiple skin grafts. A skin graft is a surgical procedure in which healthy skin is "donated" from one area of a patient's body and transplanted to the injured area. When a patient's healthy skin is limited due to injury, or is too weak for the skin removal surgery, skin from another person, animal, or a manufactured skin substitutes can be used. Another possibility is to use cultured skin, new skin grown in a lab from the patient's own skin cells. Skin grafts are one part of the reconstruction process, designed to help burn victims return to their baseline form and function to continue their way of life.