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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that directly involve patients. They stem from a need to identify better treatments. They are the most responsible, coordinated way to evaluate the safety, effectiveness, dose, and outcomes for new therapies. Many of today's standard cancer treatments were first proven to be effective in carefully planned clinical trials. Want to participate in a study? Search the open clinical trials at Wilmot Cancer Institute.

Wilmot offers to its lung cancer patients the opportunity to enroll in several national clinical trials. In most cases Wilmot is the only cancer provider in the region that can offer clinical trial participation for lung cancer. For example, Wilmot is involved in the national Lung-MAP study, which was designed to allow doctors to test a handful of experimental drugs at the same time, based on a tumor’s molecular profile. Another type of study available to some of Wilmot’s lung cancer patients is called ALCHEMIST, which uses genetic screening and targeted therapy for certain early-stage lung cancers. If you have lung cancer, talk to your oncologist about clinical trials at Wilmot.