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Mentoring Program

The CFAR mentoring program provides multidisciplinary mentoring support in HIV/AIDS research as well as a Grant Pre-review service, intended to increase the competitiveness of extramural grant proposals by early-stage and new investigators, as well as more established investigators who are new to HIV/AIDS research.

Prospective mentees are expected to contact CFAR Program Administrator Laura Enders who, with the assistance of mentoring review committee, will then match the mentee’s priorities and research focus with an appropriate CFAR mentor. Note that all junior faculty recipients of CFAR Pilot awards are required to participate in the CFAR mentoring program, as a condition of their award.
Requests for mentoring support or grant review services should be submitted to

Structured Mentoring

All recipients of New Faculty pilot awards are required to participate in the mentoring program. In addition, CFAR members who are NIH-defined early-stage investigators or investigators who have limited prior research experience are strongly encouraged to participate.

Mentoring committees are comprised of 2-3 faculty members from diverse departments/disciplines (aligned to the overall interests of the mentee), plus the primary mentor. The group will meet quarterly to formally review research progress and productivity by the mentee, and to provide advice and support as needed. Mentorial team members may be drawn from members of the CFAR mentor pool, or from other groups/units, as necessary. Requests for information should be submitted to

Junior Faculty Peer Mentoring Program

The CFAR Junior Faculty Peer Mentoring Program specifically targets junior faculty working in HIV/AIDS research. The purpose of the group is to support the professional development of investigators interested in studying HIV-related topics through support and feedback from peers, as well as through presentations or discussions focused on career development topics.  Requests for information should be submitted to

UR CTSI Development Programs

CFAR mentees and mentors are encouraged to take advantage of UR CTSI workshops, training sessions and courses. Offerings include Faculty Development Workshops, monthly Faculty Development Seminars, an annual day-long Faculty Development Colloquium, a half-day conference for women faculty, and an Academic Leadership Series. Visit the UR CTSI website for additional information.