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Oct 12, 2022
Children with HIV at Greater Risk for Impaired Neurological Development
May 25, 2022
COVID Vaccine Development was Quick. What’s Holding HIV Back?
Dec 20, 2021
Changes in the brain hinder addiction recovery in people who are HIV-positive
Dec 02, 2020
$18 Million Grant Supports HIV/AIDS Research, Outreach to Rochester Community
Jul 20, 2019
Interdisciplinary Research Group Pools Forces in Fight against HIV/AIDS
Oct 08, 2018
$2.16M Grant Funds Study of Disproportionate HIV Infection Rates Among Women of Color
Mar 05, 2018
Center for AIDS Research Hosts Scientific Symposium to Mark World AIDS Day
Nov 13, 2017
Parkinson’s Disease: A Looming Pandemic
Oct 02, 2017
Study Will Explore Link Between HIV, Micro-Strokes, and Dementia
Feb 23, 2017
Nelson Appointed to National Alliance Focusing on Improving HIV Care for Youth in Africa