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Core Facilities & Services

Services provided to HIV/AIDS Investigators by the Center for AIDS Research are organized within four cores. To request CFAR services please email

Clinical and Translational Sciences Core

The Clinical and Translational Sciences Core provides expertise and services to facilitate the design, implementation and conduct of HIV/AIDS clinical trials. This core offers: study coordinator/patient access and sample collection services, regulatory and grant administration support, access to NIAID clinical research networks, support with international collaborations and community outreach and education.

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Developmental Core

The Developmental Core administers the CFAR’s grant programs, conducts mentoring, supports the career development of young investigators, and provides seminars and scientific symposia that create an outstanding scientific and intellectual environment for HIV/AIDS research at the UR.

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Basic Sciences Core

The Basic Sciences Core enhances basic and laboratory-based HIV/AIDS research by providing access to cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies, and the necessary support, education and training to enable efficient use of these resources.

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Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Core

The Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Core provides biostatistics support for design and analysis of HIV/AIDS related experiments, clinical studies, prevention/behavior studies and epidemiological and translational studies. This core also promotes multidisciplinary collaboration by providing biomathematical modeling support and translational data/knowledge management and services. Education on services provided is also available to HIV/AIDS investigators as is the development of novel methods and tools.

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