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Postdoctoral Training & Graduate Education

Research Programs in the Oral Sciences

The Center for Oral Biology offers the Training Program in Oral Science (TPOS) to support graduate student and postdoctoral level training relevant to the field of Oral Science. In addition to receiving generous stipends, trainees appointed to our program will also receive funds for research and travel.

Over the past 25+ years, the Center for Oral Biology’s training programs have been highly successful in recruiting, training and retaining Oral Science researchers. The University of Rochester Medical Center, including the Eastman Institute for Oral Health (EIOH), has committed substantial resources to recruit new faculty, to improve our physical plant, and to acquire new technologies; thereby, expanding the depth and breadth of training that is necessary to excel. The Center is also actively committed to the recruitment of underrepresented minorities. Particular emphasis is placed on recruiting minority students, career counseling and follow-up to assist trainees in achieving their career goals.

In support of the NIDCR Strategic Plan, our goals continue to be focused on developing a well-trained, diverse workforce. The TPOS program is designed to deliver a multidisciplinary approach with proficiency in research design, state-of-the-art technologies and use of analytical / biostatistical techniques. We foster in our trainees the ability to think critically about their research and that of others; and, we use novel approaches to advance our trainees’ ability to conduct self-assessment, facilitating their growth into independent scientists. Trainees are taught to build their skills in presentation, publishing, and grant writing using existing institutional faculty and resources. Finally, our trainees are encouraged to travel to national and international conferences, as a means of broadening their views of science, the science community, and the diversity of the human experience. Our over-arching goal is to develop in our trainees the skill sets and confidence to interact professionally with the scientific community and to undertake careers in health-related sciences.

To accomplish these goals, we recruit PhDs, and baccalaureate degree-holders pursuing a PhD, to the field of Oral Science. A dentist-scientist training program (DSTP) is also provided for dental students who wish to coordinate clinical studies with PhD training. This unique program partners the clinical programs at the University of Puerto Rico with the PhD programs at the research-intensive University of Rochester. Our program also includes an R90 research component for internationally trained DDS/PhD dual-degree holders. The components of TPOS are integrated through the Rochester Graduate Program, the clinical programs of the EIOH, and the educational resources of the Rochester Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute.

All students must be accepted as Ph.D. candidates by the appropriate University of Rochester department, center, or program. The Ph.D. candidate is registered in the department or center in which the degree will be granted. The candidate attends classes and seminars, and carries out a research program directed toward the solution of a problem pertinent to oral science in the appropriate basic science center or department.

The Eastman Institute for Oral Health offers programs of study and research leading to the degree of Master of Science. The master’s degree programs are intended for applicants who have received a doctorate in dentistry and have previous clinical training, those in advanced education programs or in a dental clinical specialty, or junior faculty with clinical responsibilities.  Our programs provide training in the basic skills used by clinical researchers and is supplemented by a broad array of relevant core and elective courses that will provide basic concepts and theories consistent with each student's goals and objectives.

The Master of Science in Dental Sciences: Clinical and Translational Sciences and Master of Science in Dental Sciences: Infectious Diseases, train dental clinicians to think critically, enabling them to readily apply research skills and knowledge to improve health outcomes for patients and to pursue research activities and academic careers.

Graduates of the MS in Dental Sciences: Infectious Diseases have the skills to direct a broad range of clinical studies focused on understanding the etiology of complex oral infectious diseases and identification of new therapies.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Dental Sciences: Clinical and Translational Sciences have the skills to direct a broad range of clinical studies, including the translation both of scientific knowledge into clinical science and of clinical science into practice.

MS in Dental Sciences inquires:
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The Center for Oral Biology
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