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Analyst, Auditor and Educator Functions

Compliance Analyst/Auditor/Educators help to promote a culture of compliance consciousness by serving as a resource for faculty and staff. Through medical record reviews, analysis, communication and training activities, they provide information or clarification on coding, documentation standards, guidelines and regulatory requirements. They support the University of Rochester Medical Center's Compliance Plan, departmental compliance activities, and individual provider efforts to ensure effective documentation as well as accurate coding and billing.

Specifically, Analyst/Auditors/Educators:

  • Perform internal audits of providers, functions and departments to determine compliance with billing, coding and documentation guidelines as well as with internal and government policies;
    • Prepare and submit reports containing review findings; 
    • Review findings with the provider or department audited and educate as appropriate;
    • Identify practices and policies that support effective and accurate coding and billing; and when appropriate, make recommendations for revisions;
  • Develop and disseminate comprehensive resources, education and training programs to support compliance and operational policies and procedures;
  • Deliver educational and training programs to all appropriate faculty and staff;
  • Communicate and distribute compliance policies and procedures to providers and department personnel throughout the system;
  • Respond to issues raised by providers, departments and the Integrity Hotline;
  • Assist in formulating, reviewing and updating Medical Center compliance policies.