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Concussion Rehabilitation

Concussion usually does not result in permanent injury, but is a treatable condition. Our clinical team will help guide patients in their return to work, driving, hobbies, and leisure activities. Some of the treatments we may integrate into a customized program include:

  • Vestibular Therapy – an exercise-based program, designed by a specialty-trained vestibular physical therapist, to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness including vertigo, spatial disorientation, motion sensitivity, and brain fog.
  • Medical Therapy – medical treatments can help regulate sleep, pain and headaches. These may include neuro-stimulants to help alleviate cognitive symptoms, including problems with memory and attention/concentration.
  • Physical Therapy – Physical Therapy may be provided to help with any musculoskeletal injuries to the head and neck, vestibular issues such as imbalance and dizziness, and a safe graded return to activity/sport.
  • Occupational Therapy – cognitive and vision rehabilitation may benefit from occupational therapy. Your clinical team will refer as appropriate.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation – ‚Äč cognitive rehabilitation is provided through the Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Program (ICRP) for those patients who are struggling to return to work or school activities.