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What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a procedure that is used routinely for people who have acute or chronic kidney (renal) failure. Under normal conditions, kidneys filter waste and toxins, remove extra fluid from the blood, and secrete hormones vital for health. Dialysis can perform these duties instead when failing kidneys cannot.

Dialysis can also be used to prevent kidney failure if someone has been exposed certain toxic substances or drugs.

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UR Medicine's Approach

There are two types of dialysis: peritoneal and hemodialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis can be done at home with proper training. The types of peritoneal dialysis are:

  • Continuous cyclic peritoneal dialysis (CCPD)—also called automated peritoneal dialysis (APD)— uses a special dialysis machine called a “cycler” that can be used in the home. This type of dialysis is done automatically, typically while the patent is sleeping.
  • Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD), which does not require a machine and can be done during the day. This option is not used frequently since it can be less convenient however it can be a viable option for patients who have limited access to electricity and internet.


  • In-center hemodialysis is the most commonly performed dialysis modality in the United States. The treatments are provided in a dialysis center by healthcare professionals, typically three times per week. A dialysis session can range from 3 – 4 hours per treatment./li>
  • Home hemodialysis is an option for highly motivated patients who desire more flexibility and independence. Patients can be trained to perform hemodialysis at home as part of our home Hemodialysis Program. Our program is robust and includes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Patients will start off by receiving hemodialysis at the home dialysis unit and will be trained simultaneously. It can take several weeks of training before patients and staff feel comfortable transitioning to home; however, the vast majority of our home hemodialysis patients are pleased with the freedom and independence that home dialysis affords them. Our team of highly trained nephrologists will work with you and your family to help determine which dialysis option is best suited for you.

What Sets Us Apart?

U.S. News & World Reports has identified us as one of the top adult nephrology (kidney) care centers in the country.

Our collaborative approach brings a wide range of expertise and diverse perspectives to patient care, with specialists in cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, transplant surgery, and urology working together to develop the best treatments for each patient. 

We have a rapidly expanding home dialysis program, and our proportion of patients on Peritoneal Dialysis or Home Hemodialysis exceeds national averages.

Because we’re an academic medical center, our physicians also lead important research studies, with significant grants from the National Institutes of Health and industry-sponsored clinical trials.


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