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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the specialty dealing with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of dental and facial irregularities occurring from:

  • A bad bite or misaligned teeth
  • Missing or extra teeth
  • Misaligned, crooked, or crowded teeth
  • An overbite or underbite
  • Misaligned or incorrect jaw position (orthodontists often work with mouth and jaw surgeon for this)
  • Irregular arrangement of teeth and related bone levels (using a multi-disciplinary approach with other dental specialists)  
  • Problems with skull or facial bones  
  • Cleft lip and palate (at UR Medicine, treatment is in collaboration with our Cleft and Craniofacial Center)

Many of these issues are corrected using braces, made from wires and springs attached to tiny metal plates or a plastic mold. The braces apply gentle force to the teeth, encouraging them to adopt a different alignment. Braces will improve the function and general appearance of teeth.

Eastman Dental and the University Dental Faculty Group have an entire team of experts to serve you.

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UR Medicine's Approach

Eastman Dental's Orthodontics Department provides advanced orthodontic care, using the latest technology (digital impressions, 3-D X-rays, 3-D scanners) for children and adults in a newly renovated clinic. We offer free consultations.

A full spectrum of orthodontic care is provided using the newest appliances and treatment procedures, including clear, low-profile, and self-ligating brackets. Invisalign is available for qualified patients.

Patient Stories

"You Changed My Life Completely"

When 20-year-old Michael Crymes told his parents he wanted braces, they never thought they would have to travel to another city to find an orthodontist who would treat him.

That’s because Michael has Cerebral Palsy (CP), a disorder that affects body movement, muscle control and coordination, caused by damage to the developing brain.

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Getting Braces is Way More Than a Family Affair

Because their oldest son Logan had significant overlapping teeth, as well as being blind and having Asperger’s Syndrome, Jim and Linda Merrill were referred to Eastman Dental for his complex orthodontia treatment and special needs. Their daughter, Megan, had a gap in her front teeth and wanted braces, so the timing was right to take them both to Eastman Dental at the same time.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Eastman Dental's Orthodontics division provides advanced orthodontic care with the latest technology for children and adults. All our providers are fully qualified dentists within an advanced training program. We offer affordable, no-interest payment plans for patients who qualify for Care Credit.

We work closely with dental and medical specialists throughout the medical center to provide our patients—including those with medically complex conditions—the best quality care.

The University of Rochester Medallion Dental Plan offers orthodontic benefits for children under the age of 19. University employees and their immediate family members receive a 10% discount on any balance, and we accept most insurance plans.


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