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Strong Ties Community Support Clinic

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Mental Health Crisis Call Line

If you are in crisis, call the Mental Health Crisis Call Line at (585) 275-8686. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Crisis Call Line


The UR Medicine Strong Ties Community Support Clinic is a team-based outpatient mental health clinic that serves adults who are coping with issues related to severe and persistent mental illness.

These include, but are not limited to, anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Our clinic offers services such as group therapy, medication management, an on-site pharmacy, and satellite laboratory services. By supporting patients and their families, we help to reduce impairments, prevent relapse, achieve each patient’s treatment goals, and keep patients safe in the community.

What to Expect from the Strong Ties Community Support Clinic

UR Medicine Strong Ties is comprised of two New York State-licensed ACT (Assertive Community Treatment) specialty programs, Strong Ties ACT and Project ACT.

These assertive community treatment (ACT) teams utilize a multidisciplinary treatment approach to provide intensive outreach mental health services to individuals with serious mental disorders who do not readily access traditional clinic services in our community or have been unsuccessful in traditional forms for treatment. The focus of this program is on the improvement of the individual's quality of life in the community and reducing the need for inpatient care by providing intense community-based treatment services facilitated by an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine Strong Ties provides in-home services with 24/7 availability, and daily clinical services to clients within the Monroe County region who are deemed most impaired due to their mental health disorders. In addition to our in-home services, the Strong Ties Pharmacy is available to all enrolled patients. To contact the Pharmacy, please call (585) 279-4950.

Referrals to each of the ACT Teams at Strong Ties must go through the Monroe County Single Point of Access Referral.


We serve you in the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region.

1 location

Strong Ties Community Support Clinic - Henrietta
Part of Strong Memorial Hospital

2613 West Henrietta Road, Suite A
Rochester, NY 14623

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