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How You Can Help UR Medicine Hospitals


Thank You Donors

We've received an enormous outpouring of support from various donors.

Thank you for helping us meet the unprecedented challenges we're faced with.

Donor Listing

Nurses and Licensed Clinicians Looking to Help the Vaccination Effort

  • Opportunities with UR Medicine:  If you are a licensed clinician not actively working, and looking to serve in a clinical capacity at one of our vaccination clinics, please email our Nursing Recruitment Office with a brief description of your background, credentials and interests. Please note: You may not receive an immediate response; we will reach out as needs arise.
  • Opportunities with New York State:  If you are a licensed practical nurse, a dentist, an EMT, a medical nursing student with at least a year of clinical experience, and more—then you may be eligible to take training to become a vaccinator and help New York administer COVID vaccines over the coming months. See how you can get involved.


Thank you for your interest in helping UR Medicine as we work to meet the unprecedented challenges COVID-19 presents to our community and health care system. Since the start of the pandemic we’ve received an enormous outpouring of support. We’re extremely grateful for everything that individuals, businesses and other organizations are doing to bolster our response to this crisis.

Our needs are always changing, but there are ways you can help today. We are currently welcoming donations of food and supplies, as well as monetary donations. Please review the specific guidance listed below for these items.


  • Food must be prepared in a restaurant or commercial kitchen. If possible, please wrap food in individual servings (to limit communal eating).
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept homemade food items.
  • If you would like to donate food, please email first – so we can coordinate your donation, including delivery. Please do not bring your donation to one of our hospitals without first contacting us.


Double the impact of your gift by supporting our staff with a small donation we’ll use to purchase catered Finger Lakes Coffee service for our front line staff. Your contribution not only provides a hot cup of fresh roasted coffee to our hard-working staff; it also supports ongoing patient-centered care initiatives at the hospital because Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters will also donate a portion of these sales back to the hospital via Friends of Strong Memorial Hospital. Make your gift at

Monetary Donations

  • To directly support our care providers and the patients they serve, consider a monetary donation to the URMC COVID-19 Emergency Fund. From providing essential medical supplies to funding COVID-related research to offering critical support for our frontline staff, your gift will be directed to our highest priority needs. For questions, please visit our giving page or contact Michael Fahy at

THANK YOU for your generosity and support during this challenging time.

Homemade Masks

Many people throughout our community have gone above and beyond in making and donating cloth masks to help us preserve our supply of manufactured masks for frontline health care workers. We are deeply appreciative of their selfless generosity. The outpouring of support has been so remarkable that we have fulfilled our initial need for homemade cloth masks at this time, and our walk-up donation center is now closed.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Other Supplies

All donations must be approved by the FDA and be in the original, intact packaging. We are currently accepting:

  • Unopened, manufacturer-sealed N95 respirator masks
  • Procedural masks (ear loop masks)
  • Surgical masks
  • Nitrile gloves (non-latex)
  • New or gently-used safety glasses and goggles
  • Manufacturer-sealed hand sanitizer (not homemade)
  • Isolation gowns
  • If you would like to donate supplies, please email first – – so we can coordinate your donation, including delivery. Please do not bring your donation to one of our hospitals without first contacting us.

Sign Up to Donate Blood 

The American Red Cross is facing a severe blood shortage due to an unprecedented number of blood drive cancellations throughout the U.S. While it is important that we all practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, the need for a healthy and robust blood supply remains constant and is critical to providing life-saving care to our patients every day.
Schedule an appointment to donate at an upcoming blood drive in your area at or by calling call 1-800-733-2767. Please note that drives held at our hospitals are only open to staff at this time.

Guidance on Responding to Governor’s Email to Licensed Professionals

Licensed professionals received an email from Governor Cuomo  requesting temporary help from qualified health professionals if they are available. If you are actively working in our health system, there is no need to reply to that email. If you are licensed and not working, and wish to be considered to temporarily help in a clinical setting, please send an email to This will help us keep you working in our local communities.