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martin zand CTSI Director's Update-March 2015 surveillance

Using Population Surveillance to Improve Health

acts The CTSI is Paying it Forward: Benefits of Your ACTS Membership health disparities

Our Health in Black and White

leadershup CTSI Revamps Leadership Structure racf

Dyson Day Lecture: Poverty and Health Care in Rochester

direction CTSI Pilot Program: “Accidental discovery” leads to new direction for research predicy

Data, Predictions, and Decisions in Support of People and Society


Request for Information Regarding the National Library Medicine

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Upcoming Events

Monday, March 2nd

Molecular explanations for the toxicity of oxygen

The neuron-specific epigenome in development and disease

Data, Predictions, and Decions in Supprt of People and Society

Tuesday, March 3rd

i2B2 Fundamentals

Wednesday, March 4th

Poverty: Can Rochester's Children Survive and Thrive?

Tumor Clonal Heterogeneity: Implications for Biology and Disease

i2B2 REDCap Integration

Thursday, March 5th

Online Learning 101

Friday, March 6th

Our Health in Black and White

Monday, March 9th

Regulated secretion in Tetrahymena : novel strategies for the production of recombinant particle-based vaccines

Peripheral circadian clocks, fat metabolism and aging in Drosophila


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CTSI Feature

pop healht

The Spring CTSI Seminar Series will feature an exciting series of lectures focused on population health research. All presentations are held on Tuesday afternoons from 12:00-1:00 pm in the Helen Wood Hall Auditorium. Click here to view the full schedule.