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History of Eastman Institute for Oral Health

Lomb 1905: The Dental Dispensary is opened by the Seventh District Dental Society of New York in conjunction with the Rochester Public Health Association on 32 South Washington Street. Captain Henry Lomb of Bausch and Lomb donates $600.
School 14 1910: Leading dentists of the day re-establish the dental clinic at School No. 14.
Eastman 1915: George Eastman donates the funds on October 13 to build the Rochester Dental Dispensary.
Hofheinz 1916: Frank Ritter's daughters donate the Dispensary equipment. The Dispensary establishes the Rochester School of Dental Hygiene. Dr. Rudolph Hofheinz is named principal, but dies suddenly. Mrs. Rudolf Hofheinz donates the laboratory equipment in her husband's memory.
Burkhart 1916: Dr. Harvey J. Burkhart is named first Dispensary director and becomes principal of the Dental Hygiene School.
SDH 1917: First graduates of Dental Hygiene School are awarded diplomas.
RDD 1917: Rochester Dental Dispensary is dedicated May 9 and opens October 15.
Tonsil Clinic 1919: The Dispensary's Tonsil-Adenoid Clinic opens. George Eastman provides an additional endowment of 1000 shares of Kodak stock to support the treatment of nose and throat ailments and orthodontics.
1920: Eastman gives $4 million to match $5 million grant by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., making possible the University of Rochester's School of Medicine and Dentistry. A plan to develop the School of Medicine and Dentistry in connection with the University of Rochester is announced.
1928: Plans for the dental component of the School of Medicine and Dentistry in cooperation with the Dispensary are abandoned. The University of Rochester Dental Fellows Program is developed.
1929: The Rockefeller Foundation provides fellowships to the UR to support dental research and training. A consultation dental clinic is established in Strong Memorial Hospital's out-patient department.
London 1930: Eastman Dental Institute in London is dedicated on November 19. 1932: George Eastman dies at age 77 and bequeaths another million dollars to the Rochester Dental Dispensary.
Brussels 1933: The Eastman Dental Clinic of Rome is dedicated April 21. 1935: The Brussels Clinic is dedicated July 31.
Paris 1936: The Stockholm Clinci is dedicated April 25. 1937: The Paris Clinic is dedicated October 21.
1941: The Rochester institution is renamed Eastman Dental Dispensary on June 24.
1946: Dr. Harvey J. Burkhart dies at the age of 82.
Bibby 1947: Dr. Basil G. Bibby is named director of Eastman Dental Dispensary.
1951: A master of science program with a major in dental science is established at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry in cooperation with the Dispensary.
1955: The Department of Dentistry and Dental Research is created at the UR School of Medicine and Dentistry.
1964: Administration of the Dispensary's School for Dental Hygiene is transferred to Monroe Community College.
New Wing 1964: Dedication of the Dispensary's new wing provides for an expanded program of dental research.
1965: Name of Dispensary is changed to Eastman Dental Center.
  1966: The American Dental Association gives EDC approval for its clinical training programs, which have become world renown.
  Eastman's signature SMILEMobile program is established with first unit. This program has grown to serve thousands of children each year and became a nationwide model.

1967: Dr. Michael Buonocore describes a process for enhancing the adhesion of plastics to teeth, thus ushering in the modern era of restorative dentistry.

1969: Formal affiliation between The Genesee Hospital's dental department and the UR SMD takes place. The American Dental Association approves a three-year oral surgery program, jointly developed with the school and The Genesee Hospital.

A new building and a closer relationship with the University of Rochester are established.

McHugh 1970: Dr. William D. McHugh is named third director of the Eastman Dental Center when Dr. Bibby retires from his administrative duties to devote his time to research.
1971: A clinical teacher training program is initiated between the UR and EDC with the objective of training the highest quality of dental teachers and researchers
1972: The Department of Dentistry and Dental Research is renamed the Department of Dental Research and a new Department of Clinical Dentistry of the UR SMD is created.
EDC 1978: The new Eastman Dental Center at 625 Elmwood Avenue is dedicated on October 26.
Billings 1994: Dr. Ronald J. Billings is named the fourth director.

Eastman Dental Center and the University of Rochester become partners in providing oral health care, graduate education, and research.

1997: EDC and the UR merge and become partners in providing oral health care, graduate education, and research.
1998: The Eastman Department of Dentistry and the Center for Oral Biology are founded. Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz is named the chair of the Eastman Department of Dentistry of the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Cyril Meyerowitz, DDS, MS 1999: Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz is named director of Eastman Dental Center in January.
SMILEmobile IV 2008: Added fourth SMILEmobile, increasing access to 30,000 additional patients. Awarded a $3.9 million NYS HEAL grant to increase access and capacity for Rochester’s underserved residents. Began major renovations and clinical re-engineering initiative to better meet exploding demand.
2009: Eastman Institute for Oral Health is established, replacing the Eastman Dental Center as a division within the URMC, functioning as the integrated entity responsible for research, education and clinical care in oral health. EIOH occupies the same position on the URMC organizational chart as the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine & Dentistry and Strong Memorial Hospital. Dr. Cyril Meyerowitz appointed Director.
Howitt Urgent Dental Care

2011: Major $5.9 million renovation completed, allowing a major increase in access to care in both downtown Rochester and at its main clinic site on Elmwood Ave.
Dr. Eli Eliav


Sept., 2013: Eli Eliav, DMD, MSc, PhD, is named the sixth director of Eastman Institute for Oral Health.


August 2016: New SMILEmobile gives first-of-its-kind access to patients with special needs.

Dr. William Calnon


October 2016: EIOH alum Dr. William Calnon elected president of the American Dental Association.

Gies Award

March 2017: EIOH wins William J. Gies Award for Achievement, the profession's foremost recognition that exemplifies the highest standards in oral health and dental education, research and leadership.

Dr. Clements and Dr. Keels


April 2017:  EIOH Pediatric Dentistry Clinic Dedicated.

Jarvie Burkhart Award

June 2017: EIOH wins 2017 Jarvie-Burkhart Award, the highest honor bestowed by the NYS Dental Association.

EIOH Centennial Logo

June 2017: EIOH marks a century of innovation and community service by hosting a scientific and educational symposium and Centennial Gala. Full story

AADMD Pre Conference
May, 2019: One Voice Oral Health Pre-American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Conference hosted by EIOH.
Teledentistry Conference Panel

June 2019: First ever national Teledentistry Conference hosted by EIOH.

jaw reconstruction


September 2019: A URMC First: Tumor Removal, Immediate Reconstruction and Dental Rehabilitation

Specialty Care Ribbon Cutting
October 2019: EIOH Specialty Care Clinic Opens- This first-of-its-kind dental clinic in the region serves adult patients with medically complex conditions (cancer, diabetes, MS, obesity, pregnancy, HIV, etc.) and intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Urgent Care workers during COVID

March 2020 - present: EIOH a leader in clinical care, research and education during global COVID 19 pandemic.

EIOH Leads Global Discussion on COVID 19

Patients with Special Needs Get Treatment During COVID 19

Drive By Dentistry During COVID 19 Helps Infant

EIOH Experts Weigh In - JDR Clinical & Translational Research



UR/Eastman Institute for Oral Health Ranks 7th in NIH Funding

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