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Eastman Institute for Oral Health / About Us / Message from the Director

A Message from EIOH Director Dr. Eli Eliav


Over the last century, we have made a significant impact around the world in research and clinical training, and continue to proudly carry on George Eastman's legacy by helping the underserved and people with special needs. 

We have begun planning a 100th anniversary celebration of when Eastman Dental Dispensary's doors first opened in 1917, and look forward to working with our alumni, faculty, staff, Board members and friends to make it especially memorable.

We are in the processes of establishing new preceptorship and fellowship programs that will allow dentists from all over the world to be exposed to our programs, but will not replace the comprehensive residency programs. These new programs offer valuable time in the clinic, lab and classroom, for those  who would like to enhance their knowledge in the various disciplines.

I have enjoyed meeting so many EIOH alumni at the specialty meetings and alumni receptions. My first impressions have been affirmed about the intense pride EIOH graduates share, and am inspired by the shared commitment for Eastman's future and our educational programs.

Dr. Eliav

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