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39th Annual Allen A. Brewer Prosthodontic Conference

June 8, 2018
Rochester, NY

Prosthodontics: A Future of Wants and Needs

Prosthodontists are responsible for the replacement of missing teeth, alveolar and orofacial structures lost or damaged by disease, trauma or genetic causes. While there is debate regarding the future of dental caries and edentulism, there is no doubt that the skills prosthodontists bring to medicine and dentistry will remain both aspirational (wanted) and essential (needed).

This seminar will explore the current and future needs for prosthodontists’ skills and explore how technology can be applied to meet our patients’ desires.

Clinical examples and scenarios will be used to illustrate the following topics:

  • The realities of edentulism and its significance
  • Prosthodontics fundamentals for meeting patient needs
  • Evolving technology that can help achieve outstanding results
  • Importance of longevity as the central aspect in planning and executing dental therapy

Educational & Learning Objectives:

Following the discussion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the forces that act to define our specialty.

Specifically, participants will:

  • Appreciate the epidemiology of the diseases and conditions that define who, where and how many patients will seek a prosthodontist’s care.
  • Better understand the changing social and clinical landscape that shapes the nature of prosthodontic practices.
  • Be able to identify current data about fundamentals of esthetics and function that represent ground truth (based on patient-based outcome measures), despite the evolution of technology in prosthodontics. This is what our patients ‘want’.
  • Identify factors that influence the central determinants of dental esthetics that guide aspirational prosthodontic rehabilitation. New materials and techniques are available that enhance our capacity to deliver exceptional outcomes.
  • Appreciate how new technologies are influencing dental implant therapy and tooth-based restorations. A detailed look at the significance of digital planning, guided surgery and prototype restorations will be considered.
  • Begin to address the importance of longevity as the central goal of prosthodontic therapy. As patients age, so do their restorations. How can therapies endure greater lifespans?

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