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38th Annual Brewer Conference

Conference Brochure

Dr. Eli Eliav
Dr. Eli Eliav, Director
Eastman Institute for Oral Health
Vice Dean for Oral Health
University of Rochester

Dr. Avishai SadanDr. Avishai Sadan, Dean
G. Donald & Marian James Montgomery Professor of Dentistry
Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry
University of Southern California

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Brewer Conference History

Brewer Prosthodontic Conference 2012Dr. Alan BrewerCreated in 1979 by Eastman Dental's Dr. Gerald N. Graser and Dr. Jack Oster, the Allen A. Brewer Prosthodontics conference gives dentists in New York State an opportunity to obtain the latest information and techniques from renown prosthodontists.

In 1968, Dr. Brewer became the first chairman of the Department of Prosthodontics at Eastman Dental. During his ten-year tenure, Dr. Brewer built the prosthodontic program to the prominence it enjoys today.

Dr. Brewer was honored for his research by the Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics and the International Association for Dental Research. He served as President of the Academy of Prosthodontics, where three of his former students followed in that same role. Dr. Brewer passed away in 1987, but his enthusiasm for education, research and the profession live on through generations of students and colleagues who were influenced by him both professionally and personally.

Previous Speakers

1979 Howard Payne, Ronald Jarvis
1980 Robert DeFranco, William H. Pruden
1981 George Zarb
1982 John McLean
1983 Clifford Fox
1984 David Grossman, Ralph B. Sozio
1985 Dewey H. Bell, Bejan Iranpour
1986 Ralph Phillips, Ronald Jarvis
1987 Herbert T. Shillingburg, Jr.
1988 Burton P. Pollack, Kenneth Malament
1989 Gerald Barrack, John Calamia
1990 Glen P. McGivney
1991 Charles J. Goodacre
1992 R. Brian Ullmann
1993 Prosthodontic Alumni
1994 Stephen Parel
1995 Thomas Abrahamsen                             
1996 Kenneth Hebel

1997 Charles McNeill
1998 John Kois
1999 Dennis Tarnow
2000 Gerard Chiche
2001 John Sorensen
2002 Jeffrey Okeson
2003 H.P. Weber, Jane Brewer
2004 Kenneth Malament
2005 Frank Higginbottom
2006 Urs C. Belser
2007 J. Robert Kelly
2008 Thomas Taylor
2009 Dan Nathanson
2010 Charles Goodacre
2011 Lyndon Cooper
2012 German Gallucci 
2013 Ricardo Mitrani
2014 Will Martin
2015 Markus Blatz
2016 Dr. Eli Eliav and Dr. Avishai Sadan