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About the Program

Eastman Institute for Oral Health at a Glance

Program Objectives

  • Develop an individual with clinical expertise in orthodontics.
  • Develop the diagnostic ability to evaluate the multifacets of a problem and provide the clinical acumen and technical knowledge to clinically rectify the problem.
  • Develop an individual with a strong biological orientation, having been exposed to the basic biological sciences and having learned to apply this knowledge to clinical principles and procedures.
  • Develop an individual capable of critically evaluating current research information and determining potential application to clinical principles and procedures.
  • Develop experience in clinical research methodology and provide basic training in clinical research.
  • Provide the opportunity to learn from, communicate with, and be constructively helpful to other professional disciplines.
  • Make individuals cognizant of limitations imposed by genetic predispositions and craniofacial growth discrepancies.

Clinical Activities

You will gain an understanding of differential diagnosis, growth measurement, treatment planning, and outcomes assessment; and toward evaluation and use of these concepts in relevant professional decision-making processes.

  • You will learn the correlation between didactic and clinical aspects of orthodontics.
  • You will better associate the biological aspects of the patient with the mechanical considerations of treatment.

Other Educational Opportunities

Programs leading to the Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree
can be integrated with the clinical training program through the University of Rochester, or pursued independently.