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Your First Visit

Consultation with doctorsPsoriasis is a disease that causes a great deal of stress for many people. By telling you what you can expect at your first visit, we hope to relieve much of that anxiety.

If you suffer exclusively from psoriasis on your skin, we'll have you meet with our dermatologist, Dr. Francisco Tausk. Dr. Tausk has over 20 years of experience in treating psoriasis and is head of the Center for Integrated Dermatology.

If you suffer exclusively from psoriatic arthritis, you'll meet with our rheumatologist, Dr. Christopher Ritchlin. Dr. Ritchlin is a highly respected clinician and researcher, and the Director of the Clinical Immunology Research Center.

If you have a combination of these conditions, both doctors will examine you separately. Then they will meet with you together to discuss their findings, answer your questions and review treatment options.

Regardless of your symptoms, our goal is to help you understand this disease and make you part of the decision process. We understand that psoriasis may have caused you years of frustration. We want to start relieving that – beginning with your very first visit.

Depending on your situation, Dr. Tausk and Dr. Ritchlin may recommend that you speak with our nutritionist or psychiatrist, who are also located on site. Should you need to see other specialists – such as a cardiologist or gastroenterologist – they are also available right here at our medical center and have experience working closely with Dr. Tausk and Dr. Ritchlin.

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