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Our Multidisciplinary Approach

A Better Approach to Psoriasis Care

Psoriasis effects different people in many different ways: From outbreaks on the skin, to the joint pain of psoriatic arthritis, to stress and depression.

The many facets of this disease are what make a multidisciplinary approach so important. "Multidisciplinary" means we bring a team of specialists together to evaluate your condition and give you the best possible care.

The Psoriasis Center has a core team that consists of a dermatologist, a rheumatologist, a psychiatrist and a nutritionist. Depending on your situation, we bring one or all of these specialists together to evaluate you and recommend the best course of treatment.

This is extremely important. In some cases, treatments that might be recommended by different doctors – a dermatologist treating psoriasis and a rheumatologist treating psoriatic arthritis – might actually work against each other. By having doctors who sit down together and talk with you, we are able to develop the best possible treatment.

With this approach, we are often able to overcome the challenges of psoriasis that you may have been experiencing for years.