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Diversity in Rochester

affordable housingThe University of Rochester aspires to make every person feel safe, welcome, and supported at all times; to be a place where everyone, regardless of identity or challenges they face, is lifted up to become their best and healthiest selves; to serve as a powerful force for eliminating racism, division, and exclusion in our communities and beyond.

Our Institutional Office of Equity and Inclusion is committed to developing new initiatives and supporting existing initiatives throughout the university that align with our five institutional priorities:

  1. Developing and sustaining an infrastructure to support equity, diversity, and inclusion
  2. Enhancing the recruitment and retention of our representational diversity of faculty, staff, and students.
  3. Cultivating an inclusive climate, culture, and University Community.
  4. Advancing the University’s mission through an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens.
  5. Community engagement for racial and social justice.

Learn more about our Institutional Office of Equity and Inclusion at

The University of Rochester is home to several research centers, groups, and offices whose focus is to support our students of color and bring awareness to the unique experiences of BIPOC communities both within Rochester and throughout the globe.


Arianna Cerventes
Arianna Cerventes

Biomedical Engineering
Master's Student

My favorite part about the University of Rochester is the students. Everyone is very loving and very caring.