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Academic and Student Support


The ombudspersons are faculty members who can provide confidential, impartial and independent advice to help graduate students address their concerns. The ombudspersons provide a resource for and information about institutional policies and act as facilitators to help students resolve their problems, connecting students with those who can help, accompanying the student in discussions of problems or issues with faculty or administrators, and acting as an informal mediator between the student and faculty or administrators.

  • Campus Libraries
  • The CARE Network
  • University Counseling Center
  • The Interfaith Chapel
  • Writing Center and Writing Speaking and Argument Program: AS&E

Graduate writing support is offered through the Graduate Writing Project (GWP) and supports graduate students and postdocs from AS&E at any stage in their program, working on any kind of academic writing and research, from abstracts and article submissions to theses and dissertations. They offer a range of services designed for graduate-student writers at the University, including: writing groups, tutoring, writing boot camps, and writing workshops.

  • The Learning Center: AS&E

The Learning Center offers 1:1 Academic Success Coaching to graduate students that are free, confidential, individual meetings. Your coach will discuss your concerns and then help you select and implement learning and self-management techniques to improve your academic performance and efficiency.

Maria Isabel Castano
Maria Isabel Castano

PhD Student

Despite the challenges of starting a PhD in the middle of a pandemic, U of R and the Department of Biology have been amazing to me, and certainly a major influence in my professional development. The sense of community and supportive environment were a major factor in my success navigating my first year of graduate school and overcoming the difficult times that the world and my home country were experiencing. I can confidently say that I have found mentors and friends in almost everyone to whom I’ve reached out for help, not to leave aside the amazing and constructive research laboratory that I joined (TropBioLab - Uy Lab) which is a major highlight of my experience in the university. Additionally, I’m a big fan of the city and the people that I’ve met here have been always extremely kind. I’m grateful for all the experiences that I’ve had here."