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Collaborative Pilot Studies Award Program


The DTM Program of Excellence funds interdepartmental collaborative pilot studies designed to promote mechanism-based, drug discovery research at the University of Rochester. Request for Proposals are issued yearly. Funded grants are supported with an award of up to $50,000.


The overall goal of the DTM Program of Excellence Collaborative Pilot Studies Program is to support groundwork studies needed to enable interdepartmental collaborative projects within the DTM purview to become successful in securing extramural funding. In addition, the support provided by these pilot studies is also expected to enhance academic scholarship within the program.


All primary tenure-track faculty members of the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology are eligible to serve as Principal Investigators. The collaborative project must also include a Co-Investigator who is a primary tenure-track faculty member from another department and/or center at the University of Rochester.

Review Priorities 

Proposals with the best potential to establish and/or grow an interdepartmental collaboration that successfully leads to extramural funding will receive the highest priority.

Review Process

Proposals will be reviewed by the DTM Program of Excellence Pilot Studies Review Committee and other selected ad hoc experts that subject the proposals to rigorous scientific evaluation.  Following the review process and formal study section-style discussion and scoring, funding recommendations will be made to the Director of the DTM Program of Excellence for funding of the most meritorious projects.

General Inquiries

Lori White
(585) 275-1613