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Patient Experiences

Want to celebrate a staff member who made a difference? Please take a moment and nominate that person into the ICARE Stars Program. ICARE Stars is an employee recognition program designed to let hospital leadership acknowledge and congratulate staff members in a meaningful way. Here are some recent reviews and stories from appreciative patients who visited our Allergy team:


Thank you, Dr. Miller and Kristina

"They addressed my allergy issues and ultimately fixed my deviated septum. I have struggled with breathing all my life but never knew why. I have sleep apnea and sleep with a CPAP but it only provides so much. The surgery has improved my quality of life significantly. NP Kristina is fantastic at data gathering and analysis, as she was the one who did the work up leading to the consult with MD Chase, who was equally amazing at explaining the procedure / risk / and aftercare and was patient with my questions. This is the best surgery experience I've ever had!"


"Mary makes it so easy"

"I come every week for allergy shots. Mary Muoio makes it so easy. She is so professional and efficient, and does it with such a gentle touch and kindness. She cares about her patients greatly. Thank you, Mary!"


"Above and beyond" patient care

"Dr. Miller went above and beyond to address my allergy concerns that the appointment was for. She took additional time to help with a vertigo issue I have plus gave me a referral to try and solve the vertigo. I truly appreciate the fact that she was willing to take extra time to answer my concerns. Thank you, Dr. Miller!"


Thank you, Dr. DeCicco!

"Dr. D. spoke to me in a language I could understand. He listened to my questions and answered in a very nice manner. He made me feel very comfortable. Thank you, Dr. D!"


Thank you, Melissa!

"Melissa explained the procedures that would be done at the appointment in wording I could understand. She was totally aware of my health history. She was very patient with my blood pressure issues and has a very calming manner in her personality."


Mary Ellen was "very reassuring, very professional"

"Mary Ellen was my phone contact while under the care of Dr. Ingle. I expressed my concerns many times and she reassured me she would voice my concerns with the doctor. She always kept her word and contacted me with the doctor's instructions. May Ellen was always very reassuring, very professional, and explained everything. Definitely an asset to this busy practice! Most dependable!"