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Head and Neck Surgery

The University of Rochester Medical Center uses the latest surgical and reconstructive procedures, offering excellent outcomes to patients with tumors affecting the head and neck. For patients with advanced-stage cancer, our physicians work with specialists in medical oncology and radiotherapy to provide the best treatment plan.

Head and Neck Surgical Oncology

Surgery is one of the main treatments for cancer. We offer specialty surgical services for patients diagnosed with cancer and use advanced procedures to treat patients with:

Our surgeons are board-certified and have wide experience in treating all cancer types and stages. The Department of Otolaryngology is also involved in research to further our understanding of cancer and increase its curability.

More About Surgery

Surgery may be used to:

  • Diagnose the type of cancer and determine its stage of spread. This is done with a biopsy.
  • Remove the tumor and nearby tissues which might contain cancer cells
  • Reconstruct a part of the body

Types of surgery include:

The specific surgical technique utilized and the extent of surgery necessary varies depending on the type of cancer, the location in the body, and the possible use of combined treatment with other cancer therapies including: