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Back to Bedside

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The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) has announced the second round of funding recipients for Back to Bedside, a resident-led initiative to empower medical residents and fellows to create innovative strategies for increasing time with patients, improving physician and patient well-being. The University of Rochester recipients of 2019 funding are listed below. For a full list of recipients, visit the Back to Bedside ACGME website.

Bridget Young

A Patient-Centered, Multi-Specialty Intervention to Enhance a Sense of Community in the Management of Patients with Atopic Dermatitis

Team Lead: Elizabeth Helen Cusick, M.D.

As part of this initiative, we have created an inter-departmental collaboration of atopic dermatitis with primary care pediatrics, dermatology, and allergy/immunology to optimize care for our atopic dermatitis patients as well as to foster relationships between these specialties. ‚ÄčThis novel approach allows trainees to spend more meaningful, engaging time with patients, as well foster mutual respect among multidisciplinary health care professionals through a series of provider workshops to discuss goals of care, the creation of an Eczema Action Plan, and series of patient-centered disease-specific workshops that aim to identify improvements in patient care by engaging in collaborative dialogue.‚Äč

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Dr. Elizabeth Helen Cusick, M.D. Research Profile

Bridget YoungRE-GROUP: Resident Educational Groups to Reflect
and Open Up with Patients and Peers

Team Lead: Joshua R. Wortzel, M.D., MPhil

As part of this initiative, we are teaching our psychiatry residents how to conduct psychoeducational groups with first patients on one of our inpatient psychiatry units and then with other residents throughout Strong Hospital. Group therapy is a powerful tool to rapidly increase the connection between group members and to foster reflection and psychological growth. In this project we are studying the effects of psychoeducational groups to improve residents’ connectivity with their patients and peers and to reduce resident burnout.

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