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NOTICE:  The GME Office is open M-F, 8:00am to 4:30pm. Requests for verification of training must be emailed to GME Office@urmc.rochester.eduGME no longer accepts faxed documents.  Thank you.

General Contact Information

Graduate Medical Education Office (GME)
University of Rochester Medical Center
601 Elmwood Avenue, Suite G-7654, Box 601G
Rochester, New York 14642

Phone: (585) 275-4607

Send verification requests, PSLF forms, and general inquiries to :

Graduate Medical Education Administrative Staff

Brett W. Robbins, M.D.
Brett W. Robbins, M.D.
Senior Associate Dean
for Graduate Medical Education
(585) 273-1044

Judy Marshall
Judy Marshall
Administrative Director
(585) 275-1795

Kristin Galvin-Burrick
Kristin Galvin-Burwick
Accreditation Administrator
(585) 273-1915

Berona Burke
Berona Burke
Office Manager
(585) 275-4607

Stephanie Corbitt
Stephanie Corbitt
Senior Systems Analyst
(585) 275-7711

Bonnie Prince
Bonnie Prince
Compliance Administrator
(585) 275-8459

Diane Roney
Diane M. Roney
Financial Analyst
(585) 276-4169

Pat Samuelson
Pat Samuelson 
Senior Information Analyst
(585) 275-3447