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Our Residents

Psychiatry Residents 2016

Psychiatry Residents 2016


Aspen Ainsworth
Aspen Ainsworth, MD
SUNY Buffalo
Chief Resident

Kirsten Johnson
Kirsten Johnson, MD
University of Minnesota

Rachael Jones
Rachael Jones, MD
University of New Jersey

Adam Simning
Adam Simning, MD
University of Rochester


Jessica Ee
Jessica Ee, MD
SUNY Upstate

Maura Hanna
Maura Hanna, DO
University of New England

Roopa Mathur
Roopa Mathur, DO
Touro College

Natalia Miles
Natalia Miles, MD
SUNY Upstate

Devyani Shah
Devyani Shah, MD
NY University


Mary Duah
Mary Duah, DO
NY Institute Of Tech.

Tom Jacob
Tom Jacob, DO
NY Institute Of Tech.

Emily Justin
Emily Justin, DO
Kansas City University

Nadine Mills
Nadine Mills, MD

Brittany Mott
Brittany Mott, MD
AU - Caribbean

Neha Pawar
Neha Pawar, MD
Acharya Shri Chander

Maura Tappen
Maura Tappen, MD
University of Rochester

Justin Van Der Meid
Justin Van Der Meid, MD
University of Rochester


Annalyn Gibson

Annalyn Gibson, MD
Drexel University

Samantha Kamp

Samantha Kamp, MD
SUNY Buffalo

Viki Katsetos

Viki Katsetos, MD
University of Rochester

Andrew Martina

Andrew Martina, MD
Albany Medical College

Karla Molinero

Karla Molinero, MD
SUNY Upstate

Janaki Nathan

Janaki Nathan, MD
University of Rochester

Lorangelly Rivera

Lorangelly Rivera, MD
Ponce Health Science

Brittany Vasquez

Brittany Vasquez, MD
University of Tennessee