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Resident Life


Adam Herbstsomer, MD [PGY-4]

HerbstsomerHometown: Westminster, MD
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Area of Clinical Interest: Psychotherapy, Education, Inpatient and CL
What I like about the Residency: I enjoy working with the many kind and enthusiastic people in our department.
Hobbies: Handbells, baking
What I like about Rochester: There is very little traffic.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: My apartment

Shannon Lyerly, MD [PGY-4]

LyerlyMedical School: University of Texas - Houston
Area of Clinical Interest: Working with veterans, addiction
What I like about the Residency: My fellow residents
Hobbies: Traveling, reading
What I like about Rochester: Nice town with beautiful scenery
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Ontario Beach Park

Paige Thompson, MD [PGY-4]

Paige ThompsonHometown: Pittsford, NY
Medical School: University of Buffalo
Area of Clinical Interest: Young Adult, First Break Psychosis, Inpatient Psychiatry, Emergency Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: The residents are all truly close and good friends.  We have a lot of different social events from getting wings, to meeting up for escape rooms, to board games and interactive game nights, and sporting events.  We truly get along well and have a lot of fun together.  Another great benefit of our program is we have a decent amount of free time to explore the city and decompress from work.
Hobbies: Volleyball and Hiking
What I like about Rochester: I grew up in Rochester.  I love the area and the community.  Everyone is very nice in Rochester and there is so much to do.  I participate in volleyball leagues, outreach and sports camps in Jamaica that is organized here, and board game groups.  I also personally love the Finger Lakes for the wineries and to go boating.  I would also like to add that the food is great here and continues to get better.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Pittsford, Erie Canal, Finger Lakes Wineries, Living Roots

Emilie Transue, MD (they/them)

 Emilie TransueMedical School: University of Pittsburgh
Area of Clinical Interest: Underserved, Correctional, & Public Service Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: This program is the right size, big enough to find an area of interest, but small enough to feel connected to your co-residents. Work hours are closely monitored, we frequently work in conjunction with physician extenders, and maintaining quality educational experiences is respected. Even better, Rochester has strong community connections for mental health housing and peer/family social support so we can be creative in how we care for patients.
Community Involvement: Weekly volunteering at St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center Free Clinic
Hobbies: Thrifting, reading about historical activist movements, going outdoors to see the animals
What I like about Rochester: Rochester has a strong Rust Belt history, leaving behind legendary buildings from its manufacturing and industrial days. It can give you the city feel and you can drive an hour to gorgeous Finger Lakes or Montezuma Wildlife Refuge. The city is relatively flat and bike friendly. While cold in the winter, the summers are beautiful, full of flowers and groundhogs!
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Jay's Diner


Dillon Jay Auvenshine, MD

Dillon Jay AuvenshineMedical School: University of Rochester
Area of Clinical Interest: Forensics, Integrated Medicine-Psychiatry, Women and LGBTQ+ Health
What I like about the Residency: U of R Psychiatry is the bees’ knees! There is an excellent faculty, a fantastic patient population, and so many great opportunities, especially to explore my interests in forensic psychiatry, integrated medicine, and much more.
Hobbies: Gardening (from my apartment window sill & balcony) and cooking excellent meals
What I like about Rochester: Rochester is a wonderful in-between size city (hometown population of 15K to Baltimore for college with population 600K), and it really is a great place to learn/train. There is diversity of people/culture, plenty of things to see and do, and it’s always nice to get all 4 seasons!
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Saint Paul Proper, a cozy little pub in downtown Rochester

Nora Douglas, MD [PGY-3]

Nora DouglasHometown: Rochester, NY
Medical School: Howard University
Area of Clinical Interest: Community & Forensic Psychiatry
Research Interests: Health disparities in mental health
What I like about the Residency: Everyone here at URMC is supportive and genuinely invested in my success, it’s a great place to train!
Hobbies: Art & Advocacy
What I like about Rochester: Summer festivals, garbage plates, Abbot’s frozen yogurt, local wineries, Erie Canal, and Lake Ontario
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: High Falls

Regina Fu, DO [PGY-3]

FuHometown: San Diego, CA
Medical School: Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University
Area of Clinical Interest: Inpatient Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: Amazing people who are looking out for each other
Hobbies: Movies
What I like about Rochester: Beautiful plants
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Genesee Valley Park

Johnston Moore, MD [PGY-3]

Johnston MooreMedical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Area of Clinical Interest: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: Our program has an easy-going family feel that I was drawn to.  It's nice to be able to spend time with residents of all levels outside of work, and the attending physicians are caring and spend time to get to know the residents.
Hobbies: Golf, cooking, and outdoor activities (hiking, skiing, apple picking, vineyards, etc.)
What I like about Rochester: Rochester has a lot to offer.  It's nice to have the restaurants, breweries, museums, and other attractions of being in the city combined with easy access to hiking, skiing, golf, vineyards, orchards, the Finger Lakes, and Canada.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Living Roots Wine & Co

Teigan Ruster, MD [PGY-3]

Teigan RusterHometown: Irondequoit, NY
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine
Area of Clinical Interest: CPEP, Inpatient
What I like about the Residency: The people are SO amazingly kind. Everyone is supportive and always willing to help you out.
Hobbies: I love running, knitting, and drinking wine with my cats
What I like about Rochester: I love that there is something for everyone. The suburbs are chill and perfect for families. The downtown area can be exciting with lots of bars and restaurants. And of course the many parks for exploring!
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Mullers Cider House and Radio Social

Qiana Smith, DO [PGY-3]

Qiana SmithHometown: Brooklyn, NY
Medical School: Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
Area of Clinical Interest: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: Leadership in the program are approachable and the attendings are great teachers, that will challenge you.
Hobbies: I enjoy anything outdoors. While at home I enjoy cooking and making crafts.
What I like about Rochester: The people. Rochester reminds me of a mix of southern hospitality with a northern city flair.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Cobb’s Hill Park

Wei-Li Suen, MD [PGY-3]

Wei-Li SuenMedical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
Area of Clinical Interest: Psychotherapy, Interventional Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: The character of the residency is warm and supportive. The program is clearly invested in your experience and education,they will help you achieve whatever your career goals are.
Hobbies: Running,Chamber Music, Gardening
What I like about Rochester: The abundance of places to explore and the affordable cost of living
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: The Public Market, Genessee Riverway Trail, High Falls

Shaylyn Tuite, DO [PGY-3]

Shaylyn TuiteHometown: Rochester, NY
Medical School: New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine
Area of Clinical Interest: Child Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: This program is diverse, family friendly and has a nice mix of local and out of state residents. Everyone has such unique interests which makes hanging outside of work a blast! Our attendings and staff are very inclusive and provide a variety of learning opportunities. If there is a place to explore your passion, you’ll be able to find it here!
Hobbies: Running, hiking and mountain biking
What I like about Rochester: I love all the trails Rochester has, both in the city and surrounding regions. It is also the perfect size with lots going on -all within a 20-minute drive! The finger lakes are beautiful and allow for fun weekend adventures.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Mendon Ponds Park


Sungsu Lee, MD, PhD [PGY-2]

Sungsu LeeHometown: Port Jefferson, NY Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Area of Clinical Interest: Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
Research Interests: Intersection between psychosis and vision
What I like about the Residency: The URMC culture is very supportive. I have found support and encouragements from faculty members not only within Psychiatry, but with other departments as well! There are so many clinical experiences at Rochester that cannot be found elsewhere.There is great work-life balance here as well. As someone who doesn't drink coffee, I really appreciate that we don't have to work nights!
Hobbies: Trying out new restaurants, going on my exercise bike, board game nights,video games.
What I like about Rochester: Wegmans. I am so excited to be living in Rochester, the home base of Wegmans. Also, no matter where it is you might want to go, the answer will always be 15 minutes.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Wegmans!

Liliana Luna-Nelson, MD [PGY-2]

Hometown: Cincinnati, OHLilana Luna Nelson
Medical School: Brown University
Area of Clinical Interest: Child Psychiatry, psychotherapy, Deaf advocacy and mental health care
Research interests: Healthcare disparities
What I like about the Residency: Kind, supportive, helpful people
Hobbies: Swing dancing, hiking, biking, baking, playing piano
What I like about Rochester: Easy access to lots of natural beauty, great parks, good food, short commutes, people are really nice here
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: So many parks (Genessee Valley, Highland, Mendon Ponds, and more), Erie Canal trail, Wegman's

Tomotaro Monte, DO [PGY-2]

Tomotaro MonteHometown: Born in Japan but raised in Westchester County, NY
Medical School: TouroCOM in Middletown, NY
Area of Clinical Interest: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Research Interests: I'd love to explore the intersection between technology and medicine, maybe using VR and EEG neurofeedback as a therapeutic modality for something. I haven't had the time or energy to conceptualize this beyond that very superficial and non-specific level though, haha. Some day, perhaps.
What I like about the Residency: Everyone is so nice. I got super lost my first day in the hospital and one of the maintenance staff stopped what he was doing towalkme what felt like 10 minutes to where I was going. People go out of their way, sometimes literally, to help you. It's not all peaches and cream, but honestly, I've never worked in such a friendly and supportive environment. It makes a huge difference when you're having a crummy day to be surrounded by people who have your back.
Community Involvement: Between having a baby, renovating my house, and residency, I haven't had much time to get involved in the community, but one of these days I would love to volunteer at St Joe's, a psychiatry clinic for uninsured and under insured adults in Rochester.
Hobbies: Hanging out with my baby boy, incompetently playing my ukulele, walkin' in the woods.
What I like about Rochester: Salty. Bread. Salty bread. I can't explain it other than it's salty, bready, buttery, and crispy on the outside but airy on the inside. It's amazing and you'll just have to come to Rochester to try it. There's just a whole bunch of great food here in Rochester. I really think Rochester is the perfect-sized city —not too big, not too small. It's got restaurants, music, art, things to do inside, things to do outside, and it seems like it takes 10 minutes to get just about anywhere.
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Lowes, PizzaWizard. I actually don't really like Lowes, it reminds me of my unfinished home reno. Pizza Wizard, on the other hand, is... magical.

Hollis O'Nell-Meyer, MD [PGY-2]

Hollis O'Nell-MeyerHometown: Minneapolis, MN
Medical School: Frank H. Netter School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University
Area of Clinical Interest: Addiction Medicine, Pain Medicine
What I like about the Residency: Close knit, supportive, rich with history of the biopsychosocial framework.
Community Involvement: Started volunteering at St. Joe's
Hobbies: Listening to podcasts, spending time with my wife and son, sports
What I like about Rochester: Everything you need is within 20 minutes and without much traffic, lots of natural beauty, affordable cost of living
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Polska Chata, Lake Ontario, the various YMCAs

Grace Ro, MD [PGY-2]

Grace RoHometown: Plainsboro, NJ
Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Area of Clinical Interest: Integrative Medicine,Narrative Medicine, Medical Education
Research Interests: Music in Healing, Physician Wellness/Burnout
What I like about the Residency: Incredibly passionate educators who are also wonderful teachers; Collaborative design in patient care; Great work-life balance; Access to resources through University of Rochester and affiliated institutions
Hobbies: violin, singing, golf, rock climbing, ROC Yelp Elite squad, game nights
What I like about Rochester: exciting city with something going on all the time -live music, outdoor films, food/cultural festivals, farm/seasonal activities, hikes. Oh, and pretty much everything is like13 min away tops!
Favorite Place(s) in Rochester: Lake Ontario, The Little Cafe, Central Rock Gym

Connor Tumiel, MD [PGY-2]

Connor TumielHometown: Buffalo, New York
Medical School: Jacobs School of Medicine
Area of Clinical Interest: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
What I like about the Residency: Everyone is so nice and genuinely cares about your well-being. There'salso a great work-life balance.
Hobbies: Anything outdoors, playing team sports, being completely obsessed with Buffalo Bills football, playing guitar.
What I like about Rochester: It seems like there's always something to do or a new place to explore. There are also a ton of co-ed sports leagues in Rochester as well. So far this year, I've been able to play kickball (which is weirdly a huge thing in Rochester -the league has 100s of teams), slow-pitch softball and indoor beach volleyball.
Favorite Places in Rochester: The Park Ave area, wherever I'm watching a Bills game on Sunday, Conesus Lake