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Life in Rochester

  • Rochester NY Skyline and High Falls
  • Residents meeting on a sunny day
  • Gennesee Valley Park

Rochester is a welcoming, affordable, scenic and culturally rich place to live. It was once home to historical icons Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony and George Eastman, and our community continues to build on their legacies of social justice, philanthropy, innovation, and artistic and intellectual vibrancy. The Rochester area is a higher education hub; home to 22 colleges and universities, the region attracts people from across the country, and, indeed, across the globe.

This diverse community is enriched by excellent museums, theatres, music venues, and art galleries that appeal to all ages and tastes. We enjoy an array of annual festivals—a nationally recognized Jazz Festival and growing Fringe Festival are complimented by a host of other arts and food festivals throughout the year. In addition, numerous restaurants, craft breweries, wineries, and markets make Rochester a true treasure for those who appreciate good food and drink.

The Rochester area also boasts abundant natural beauty. Situated on Lake Ontario and within the Finger Lakes region, there are countless beaches, parks, hiking/biking trails, waterfalls and other natural wonders to explore. Some of our trainees’ favorite things to do here are outdoors—kayaking, wine tasting, apple picking, skiing and snowshoeing, enjoying concerts at the beach and movies in the park, strolling the public market, and browsing the eclectic shops on Park Avenue.  

Though there are clearly many wonderful things to see and do in Rochester, our trainees insist that the people—in the program, institution, and community—make life here most rewarding. There is a deep and abiding connection between the University and the greater community, a kindness and generosity between colleagues and neighbors, which enhances our trainees’ professional and personal lives. It is very easy to feel connected, get around, and afford living here. Many residents and fellows even choose to buy a home and can do so quite easily on their salaries. We are very proud of our city and encourage you to experience Rochester for yourself!