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University of Rochester CFP Faculty Active Research Projects


  • Scheduled Prophylactic Antiemetics for Reduction of Emesis with Doxycycline Trial: SPARED- (2020 SFP Poster) – Betstadt/Harrington      
  • Case Series of Uterine Aspiration for Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancies (2023 SFP Poster)- Betstadt
  • Geographic Disparities in Abortion Care Post- Dobbs- Sun
  • Exploration of Patient Education Surrounding Self-Managed Abortion (SMA): analysis of provider perceptions and current practices (IRB in preparation)- Sun
  • Pregnancy Loss /Termination of pregnancy for Medical Indications
  • Blueprints for Building a Perinatal Loss Program:   Loss Care after Termination of Pregnancy for Medical Reasons—proposal for a Society for Family Planning Plenary Session at the 2024 Annual SFP Meeting - Marinescu
  • A qualitative analysis of patient experiences after pregnancy and infant loss, including after dilation and evacuation, and how their experiences can be used to inform changes in resident education - Marinescu
  • A qualitative analysis of pregnancy and infant loss in Deaf individuals - Marinescu

Complex Contraception

  • Reproductive Health Curriculum for Neurology Residents (SFP 2024 session submission)- Betstadt
  • Intersections of Seizure Management and Reproductive Care:  A Cross-section Study of Patients’ Knowledge and Perspectives (AES abstract submitted)- Betstadt
  • Postpartum contraceptive counseling and birth spacing of pregnant people taking Enzyme Inducing Anti- Seizure Medication (EIASM) (data collection in progress)- Betstadt
  • Immediate Postplacental IUD Placement:  Expulsion and Associated Risk Factors (manuscript in submission)- Betstadt
  • Subcutaneous DMPA administration in the Postpartum Time (IRB in process)- Harrington/Sun
  • Depression and Contraceptive Choices- Harrington

Public Health

  • Barriers to Postpartum Sterilization- Qualitative Multi-center Study (SFP 2024 Poster submission) - Betstadt
  • Effect of increasingly restrictive abortion care on engagement in adolescent pregnancy outcomes - Sun
  • Reproductive Health Outcomes of Childhood abuse/neglect survivors (NIH funded)- Whaley
  • Miscarriage care in supportive and hostile states before and after Dobbs (NIH in submission) - Whaley
  • Patient experiences with Crisis Pregnancy Centers- Whaley
  • ‘One Key Question’ and the Impacts of Missed Opportunities on family planning In the Outpatient Setting- Harrington
  • Short Interval Pregnancy in Monroe County:  A Retrospective Analysis of Sociodemographic and Geographical Characteristics- Sun