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Dermatopathology Fellowship

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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our Dermatopathology fellowship at the University of Rochester. We are proud to offer a training program that provides a comprehensive education in Dermatopathology.

Some highlights of our program include:

  • Exposure to a diverse mix of inflammatory and neoplastic dermatopathology specimens, with cases from both outpatient clinics and a 950-bed tertiary care hospital with an extensive dermatology consultation service
  • One-on-one instruction and mentorship from each of our three dermatopathology faculty
  • Emphasis on clinical-pathologic correlation, with regular occasions to work in multidisciplinary teams to enhance education and provide exceptional patient care
  •  Opportunities for teaching, and for presenting at local, national, and international conferences

Our goal is to train dermatopathologists who have a deep fund of knowledge in our specialty, an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, and the capacity to become future leaders in our field.

We are so happy that you’re here. Please contact us with any questions you may have about University of Rochester Dermatopathology.

Dr. Kathleen Mannava
MD program director

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Our Fellowship by the Numbers

~ 21987

Yearly dermatopathology specimens

~ 2519

Consult cases referred from outside institutions yearly

50 %

8 out of 12 months 50% of training will be either Pathology or Dermatology training

3 x

Styles of practice with different faculty

Learning at URMC


Learn more about the Program and what the Curriculum entails.

Mentor Relationships

Our fellows most commonly reference the personal relationships and valuable mentoring they receive as one of the top reasons why they would recommend URMC.

Life of a URMC Fellow

Our emphasis on work/life balance is an important reason fellows choose URMC. A focus on trainees well-being enables you to learn and thrive in Rochester.

What Our Fellows Say...

As a resident, I discovered that URMC has excellent faculty and staff and great opportunities for learning and research. I get to work with three amazing dermatopathologists: Dr. Mannava, Dr. Scott, and Dr. Smoller and consult with sub-specialty experts in many fields including hematopathology and soft tissue.

My favorite thing about Rochester is that it is a beautiful place to live.  I grew up in the desert and I appreciate having so many bodies of water including lakes, rivers, streams and waterfalls nearby. Even the snow is beautiful.

Cynthia Reyes Barron

Dermatopathology Fellow