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Clinical Research

The Electrophysiology Service has and continues to be actively involved in numerous multi-center clinical research studies which have received NIH and industry funding. Fellows have the opportunity to work with researchers at Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center which has led numerous international, multicenter clinical trials including the series of MADIT trials, the RAID trial, the International Long QT registry and others.

There are numerous faculty led clinical trials that are ongoing, focused on managements and monitoring strategies for atrial fibrillation, ablation of ventricular tachycardia in patients with advanced heart failure, and use of novel medications in the treatment of arrhythmias.

Sample of ongoing faculty led studies and trials:


Confirm AF





  1. Three Prucka Cardiolab Recording Systems (GE Healthcare)
  2. CARTO 3D Mapping Technology
  3. EnSite Precision Cardiac Mapping SystemRHYTHMIA HDx Mapping
  4. CardioInsight Mapping
  5. Stereotaxis Magnetic Navigation System


Support staff include RN’s, technicians, advanced practice providers,  research coordinators and nurses and administrative personnel.

Basic Research

The general basic research interests of the Electrophysiology Lab include:

  1. Cardiac mapping,
  2. Defibrillation
  3. Effects of drugs on defibrillation
  4. Monophasic action potential recording