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Gastroenterology Fellowship Program

The main goal of the Fellowship Program in Gastroenterology is to provide Internal Medicine specialists with subspecialty training in the fields of digestive and liver diseases, allowing competence to be achieved in the requisite knowledge base, critical thinking skills, procedural skills, humanistic and ethical skills encompassed by these fields.

In a carefully structured and supervised setting, trainees are exposed to clinical and procedural activities designed to gradually increase in complexity while they gradually decrease in the level of directed supervision. These activities are supplemented with a comprehensive program curriculum of continuous didactic review, clinical teaching sessions, literature review, quality improvement meetings and various other programs designed to enhance and address training and awareness of the humanistic and professional issues in our field.

Trainees are provided structured opportunities to develop teaching skills at a variety of levels. Additionally, trainees participate in scientific research as a means of promoting the development of the investigative and inquisitive critical thinking skills required of subspecialty consultants in order to generate new knowledge and improve patient care.

Our program prides itself on having the resources and flexibility to tailor an individualized learning plan for the development of the trainee's career interests beyond the core requirements.


Thomas Werth, M.D.

Thomas E. Werth, M.D., Program Director

Laurie Trobia, Program Coordinator


Educational Program Description, Program Policies, and Competency-Based Curriculum

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