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Clinical Nutrition Support


  • A comprehensive 2-week clinical nutrition experience during the second fellowship year. 
  • Focus on clinical considerations in the formulation and delivery of TPN and enteral feeding, the clinical conditions and responses of patients who require parenteral and enteral clinical nutrition support, clinical aspects of nutritional deficiencies, and education on various dietary therapy and dietary modifications commonly practiced by gastroenterologists.
  • In third fellowship year, there is the option for longer exposure according to the fellow’s elective choice.

Principal Teaching/Learning Activities

  • One week of web based self-study modules which organizes the online activities with links to key articles, curriculum review and video lectures
  • One week of  interpersonal clinical instruction in the outpatient nutrition clinics (surgical/enteral feeding, ambulatory general nutrition, transplant nutrition)
  • Outpatient TPN and enteral feeding management is learned under the supervision of Nurse Practitioner Nutrition Support specialists.
  • Weekly participation in Nutrition Support Inpatient Rounds is available.

Problem Mix / Patient Characteristics / Types of Encounters

  • Ambulatory outpatients on chronic TPN or enteral tube feeds
  • Ambulatory outpatients with general nutrition concerns, malnutrition or GI symptoms exacerbated by nutritional or dietary issues
  • A wide variety of underlying disease conditions and problems with one common unifying theme – the patient is unable to sustain hydration and nutrition through natural oral intake. 
  • Adult inpatients from intensive care units, general medical and surgical floors (optional)