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Dr. Craig Narins teaching fellowsThe fellowship will consist of one year and be divided principally into to time spent under direct supervision in the cardiovascular laboratories performing diagnostic and interventional procedures, as well as time spent in the clinic evaluating patients, and protected time doing independent research. All rotations will take place at Strong Memorial Hospital. At the end of the first year the fellow will have completed the ACGME requirements for training in interventional cardiology.

Each fellow will also be responsible for the care of patients while in hospital that have undergone these procedures. The full time faculty will supervise this care.  The fellows will also be responsible for evaluating patients who return to the clinic or emergency room for complications.  The independent research will be under the direction of a research committee consisting of the full-time invasive cardiology faculty with the goal to produce meaningful information acceptable for publication. The on call responsibilities are expected to average approximately 1 in 4 weeknights and 1 in 4 weekends. Each fellow is expected to do at least 300-350 coronary interventions during the fellowship.

Each year the fellow will have 4 weeks of vacation and 5 days of study leave to attend education meeting relating to interventional cardiology. Fellows will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by all full time faculties. They will meet with the program director each quarter to discuss their evaluations.