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Mission and Aims


The mission of our program is to prepare exceptional clinicians, investigators, teachers, and future leaders in interventional cardiology to improve the well-being of diverse patients with coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, and structural heart disease.  We strive to instill in our fellows the highest ideals of clinical judgement, professionalism, integrity, and academic inquiry in keeping with the institutional mission of delivering the highest quality healthcare in a safe, compassionate environment enriched by education, science, and technology.


Provide the highest quality training to master the cognitive and technical skills in interventional cardiovascular medicine to competently and independently care for patients with coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and structural heart disease. 

Provide the foundational skills for procedural excellence by hands-on patient-based learning with competency based progressive autonomy in a busy academic center with one-on-one mentorship by dedicated full-time faculty in a collegial atmosphere.

Provide a broad-based educational experience through lab-based clinical case material supported by core lectures, case conferences, journal clubs, outpatient clinics, and participation in the patient safety and continuous quality improvement programs.

Provide exposure to diverse patient populations which include patients from rural, suburban, urban, and inner-city environments which is uniquely possible as a training program at an urban academic center that is also a tertiary referral center for advanced cardiac care for the region. 

Provide exposure to clinical research and quality improvement with the goal to complete a project which leads to presentation, publication, or practice change.

Provide exposure to the latest technological advances or innovations in the field of interventional cardiovascular medicine by participation in clinical trials of new technology or pharmacology.

Mentor the next generation of interventional cardiovascular medical leaders in clinical care, research, and education.