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Our Facilities

Dedicated Emergency Department Ultrasound Systems

 EDWithin our main site at the Strong Memorial Hospital Emergency Department, we currently have 5 Mindray TE7 ultrasound systems all with interchangeable phased-array, curvilinear, linear, and endocavitary transducers. In addition, we have a Mindray M9 ultrasound system that is dedicated for US fellow scanning and performance of more advanced applications. All our machines upload wirelessly to our PACS system and studies are available for review within minutes, and documentation is performed in our electronic medical record.

Our additional clinical sites, including our free-standing ED and affiliate regional community EDs, also each has its own dedicated ED cart-based ultrasound system.

Adult Emergency Department

EDIn March 2001, Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center opened its new Emergency Department with a design that has served as an international model for other emergency departments. There are 120 patient beds with dedicated care areas depending on acuity level, presenting complaint, and procedures.

Critical Care Bay

EDOur Critical Care Bay includes 7 large treatment bays dedicated to the care of critically ill medical and trauma patients. The facility is commensurate with Strong Memorial Hospital’s status as the Regional Trauma Center and the only ACS Certified Level 1 Trauma Center in the region. Each bay is stocked with all major equipment and has space for teams necessary for major medical or trauma resuscitations, including 2 bays with overhead radiology capability. All trauma, MI, and stroke alerts are seen in our Critical Care Bay.


Pediatric Emergency DepartmentED main desk

Situated within the rest of the Emergency Department, the Pediatric Emergency Department is run by the Department of Emergency Medicine and staffed by Pediatric EM fellowship trained attendings, EM trained physicians with a special interest in pediatrics, and Pediatric EM fellows. There are over 20 patient beds, including a dedicated pediatric resuscitation room stocked with necessary equipment.

Comprehensive Psychiatry Evaluation Program (CPEP)

After medical clearance by the adult or pediatric ED, psychiatric emergencies are managed by the Department of Psychiatry in a dedicated Psychiatric Emergency Department located above the emergency department.

Observation Unit

The 27-bed Observation Unit is housed above the emergency department and staffed by dedicated faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine. This unit provides outstanding access for patients who are at least 16 years old that require intermediate care and are in-house for less than 24 hours

Additional Facilities

Emergency Radiology Suite

The Emergency Radiology suite immediately adjacent to the emergency department includes X-ray, CT, and Radiology ultrasound services for ED patients available 24/7. A helicopter landing pad is located on the roof of the hospital, with direct elevator access to the emergency department. Laboratory services are on-site and available to run laboratory tests for ED patients and inpatients 24/7.

Helicopter Pad

A helicopter landing pad is located on the roof of the hospital, with direct elevator access to the ED.


Emergency Department Layout