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Program Highlights

Meliora Official Seal of the UniversityThe University of Rochester's motto is "Meliora," which means "Ever Better." Our Clinical Fellowship program embodies this ethic in fostering the academic and clinical development of trainees. Our faculty are excited to teach and to work together with our fellows to provide excellent patient care and engage in clinical and basic science research projects. Our aim is to create an environment of continual learning regardless of level of training.


  • supportive framework for fellows to enhance their intellectual growth and to develop outstanding patient care in Nephrology
  • A large and diverse patient population
  • Good variety of pathology, and fellows have the opportunity to have autonomy in patient care as they progress through fellowship. 
  • Excellent exposure to solid organ transplant, as well as advanced cardiac therapies and complex vascular disease.
  • Supportive leadership which is dedicated to making changes based on fellow feedback.
  • mentorship in research and continuous quality improvement projects
  • Our graduates have all gone on to successful careers in private practice, academia and industry.
  • Several nationally recognized advanced treatment centers within our institution
  • Fellows work in several ICU environments and dialysis units

Our Focus

The Nephrology fellowship, under the direction of Scott Liebman, M.D., M.P.H., is designed to immerse the fellow in a broad array of renal consultative problems, dialysis and transplantation over two years. By the end of the fellowship, trainees will have developed the clinical and academic tools to handle any aspect of clinical Nephrology practice. They will acquire skills in teaching and communicating this knowledge to other practitioners, students, and patients. Our goal is to not only provide a thorough grounding in renal knowledge, but also to instill in our fellows the humanitarian and professional skills we feel are essential in caring for this complex group of patients. Much of Nephrology practice is accomplished as part of a team that includes other Nephrologists, nurses, technicians, surgeons, secretaries, and most importantly, the patients themselves. In close contact with all of these professionals and (many!) patients over two years, fellows grow into knowledgeable, inquisitive, communicative, and caring attending physicians. This is accomplished by participating in inpatient and outpatient rotations, didactic seminars, conferences, and one-on-one interactions with the Nephrology faculty, residents, and support staff.