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Resident & Fellow Wellness

A Clinical Learning Environment that promotes health and wellness is critical to the professional development of residents and fellows. As front line physician providers in our health system their wellbeing and ability to find joy and meaning in their work is a priority equal to their technical training and education. Our patients depend on them to be at their best daily to deliver the compassionate, high-quality care they are capable of providing. 

Brett Robbins, M.D.

Brett W. Robbins. M.D.

Senior Associate Dean For Graduate Medical Education




Measuring Well-Being: Our Commitment to You

URMC recently launched the nationally recognized Resident/Fellow Well-Being Index, an anonymous, seven-question self-assessment. Highlighting our commitment to clinician wellness, it provides immediate, individualized feedback and resources to address burnout, as well as de-identified statistical data that will help us track the overall well-being trends and gauge the success of our Resident Wellness Program.  

About the Index

Developed at the Mayo Clinic and offered in partnership with MedEd Solutions, the Well-Being Index is a validated tool for assessing burnout.

Research shows that it’s a useful screening index to identify physicians in distress and that it can help members of our profession make changes to improve their well-being. Watch a video about the Well-Being Index. More information about studies and validation can be found on the IRB Research Wellbeing website.