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Stress Eating – Tips to control an unhealthy behavior

All of us have experienced overeating at one time or another. However, if you regularly overeat to the point of discomfort; eat to control stress; eat more than is needed to curb your hunger; or if you typically feel guilt and shame afterwards; you may be suffering from emotional eating. This is a common condition also referred to as binge eating disorder.
Posted on 2/3/2017

Behavioral Health Partners (BHP) is a mental health resource for the University of Rochester committed to improving your emotional well-being and mental health.  Our mission is to provide high quality, personalized, and accessible mental health care to eligible employees, retirees and dependents enrolled in a University Health Care Plan.

BHP services include a range of therapies for mental health concerns such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Our clinical team can provide psychotherapy, discuss the possible role of medications and prescribe as needed, or they can consult with your primary care physician about your medications. BHP clinicians tailor the length of treatment to the mental health concerns of the individual.

2017 Eligibility Table

This is only a summary of Plan benefits provided under the BHP program. For full details of the BHP Program, see the Plan document, which is summarized in the University of Rochester 2016 Health Program Guide. The University reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate Health plans at any time, including actions that may affect coverage, cost-sharing or covered benefits, as well as benefits that are provided to current and future retirees. In the event of a conflict between this document and the Plan document, the Plan document shall prevail.