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One of the Best Employee Benefits

I wanted to share my experience with Behavioral Health Partners, because I really feel this is one of the best employee benefits we have.

I know my family in not unique with having financial hardships, but it really felt like it to me.  I was embarrassed and ashamed of our money situation because both my husband and I are employed, not extravagant, and don't have 100 kids but yet we are not making ends meet without robbing Peter to pay Paul, this was taking a toll on me and our marriage and family life.

When I contacted BHP, I was scared my bosses would find out and worried about how this was going to work out time wise, I was stretched thin as it was but I could not have been more wrong!

I was given an appointment with in a week to go over what was causing we stress.  The office staff was very kind and always confidential when leaving messages and they always worked hard setting up appointments that worked with in my schedule.

I was amazed at the TEAM of doctors that I had access to, I met regularly with a Psychologist, I met with a Psychiatrist to discuss possible medication options and I met regularly for medication management.  The scheduling of this TEAM was all done by BHP.

First I started with weekly appointments to help me figure out where all my stress was coming from and what was in my control to change.  I then went to Bi-monthly and when it included family meetings, they made sure the appointment time was good for my family needs.  They gave us help with understanding how we ended up in such a stressful situation along with workable guidelines on how to better communicate and manage money.  The team I worked with always treated me with respect.  In sessions they were always prepared with helpful articles/handouts that pertained to what we were working on.  I also participated in a group stress reduction class which was very helpful, again, handled in a very confidential, respectful atmosphere.

I no longer go to BHP, my family and I are doing much better but I know if things come up, as they do in life, BHP is always there to help.

Staff Members Were Friendly and Accommodating

I have been in counseling with 3 or 4 different providers in the six years since my son's death.  I've previously switched either because I felt there was no further need at that particular time, or because that particular clinician and I were not a good fit.

Last year I felt the need to resume treatment.  My wife, who is also a URMC employee, suggested I try Behavioral Health Partners.  I enrolled and subsequently had several counseling visits.  And the outcome has been great, better than I would have expected.  My counselor was professional, yet compassionate and skillful.  She offered insights and suggestions that I would never have gotten to on my own; helpful and meaningful.  One of my goals was to avoid taking antidepressant medications again, if I could.  We succeeded.  Over time, my spirits improved, and have stayed that way.

The BHP facility was pristine and convenient.  Staff members were friendly and accommodating.  My provider was terrific.  I'd return in a minute...of course,I hope I don't have to.

Constant Source of Support and Strength

Despite lackluster experiences with therapy in the past, I decided to take advantage of the Behavioral Health Partner employee benefit.  After only a few sessions, my skepticism had disolved and I began looking forward to my appointments.  Soon after, decades of anxiety began to dissipate which ultimately changed the trajectory of my life.  My therapist at Behavioral Health Partners has been a constant source of support and strength and I am now able to enjoy most days with minimal anxiety.  With the support of my therapist, I have developed the confidence necessary meet life's challenges.

Skilled, Effective Professionals

I am being treated medically for chronic depression, which runs in my father's family, this has been successful for many years.  However, after my brother died of a rapidly growing cancer, I started having flashbacks about his death.  When I realized they were not going to stop, I reached out to the Behavioral Health partners.  The counselor who worked with me was so compassionate that it was easy to tell her everything that had happened and how it affected me.  I could not say what it was about talking to her that was different from talking to my friends, but I started to feel better.  Although it took over a year to truly recover, she hung in there with me until I felt good again.  So, I would say to anyone who doesn't feel emotionally healthy that you are certainly not unusual.  You wouldn't struggle with a broken leg without getting help, and you do not have to live in emotional pain either.  Skilled, effective professionals are there for you, and all you have to do is show up and ask for help.