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Multicultural, Procedural & Dermatopathology Rotation

During this rotation, residents will be alternate clinics with Drs. Weinstein and Mannava  While working with Dr. Mannava, residents will sign-out with her in the afternoon and participate in clinic in the afternoon. Additional information regarding our Dermatopathology training is below.

Dr. Weinstein specializes in cosmetics and laser procedures for all skin types including injectables, lasers, chemical peels, body contouring and Platelet Rich Plasma.  While rotating with Dr. Weinstein, the resident will be involved in pre-procedural counseling and planning cosmetic procedures, and also gain hands-on experience.

Residents have numerous opportunities to participate in clinical research, book chapters and publications if they choose.  Dr. Weinstein also has an interest in diagnosing and treating skin conditions in women and men from a diverse, multicultural background and works to provide personalized and culturally sensitive care.

The rotation will also include virtual lecture viewing suggestions as part of a Diversity Series published by the ASDS.  Specific times will be designated in the schedule for residents the rotating resident to practice using different devices and performing cosmetic procedures on practice patients during their rotation.


Dr. Mannava directs the Dermatopathology rotation along with Drs. Smoller and Scott. The goal of dermatopathology training is to ensure that each resident has a broad knowledge of the histopathologic features of skin disease. Teaching sessions consist of reviews of interesting cases and formal didactic lectures. During the inpatient dermatology rotations, residents attend dermatopathology case sign-outs five days per week, reviewing their own biopsies from the inpatient service as well as common and complex biopsies from the community. One half day a month is also dedicated for all residents to review select chapters in Dermatopathology by Elston through unknowns around a multiheaded scope. Additional opportunities during weekly academic blocks can also be dedicated to enriching resident dermatopathology education.

In addition to directing this formal curriculum for our residents, Dr. Mannava directs our 1-year ACGME Accredited Dermatopathology Fellowship.

Dermatologic Surgery

The Department of Dermatology is actively involved in dermatologic surgery, with training provided by three dermatologic surgeons and includes an ACGME-accredited Mohs fellowship. Mohs micrographic surgery is performed five days per week and involves active resident participation. At the completion of training, residents are skilled in the surgical techniques of simple and complex excisions, layered closures, grafts, and small flaps. Residents participate in formal rotations at our College Town and Red Creek sites. They also have the opportunity to experience surgery at one of our Mohs surgeon’s private practice office. Residents engage in biweekly didactics as part of our Tuesday surgery curriculum and review relevant dermatologic surgery literature quarterly. Hands on workshops are also provided for new residents quarterly.

Pediatric Dermatology

Dermatologists treat patients of all ages, and the proficient treatment of pediatric skin disease requires distinct clinical training. Dermatologists must be prepared not only to treat common pediatric disorders, but to recognize rare syndromes and disorders unique to childhood. Treatment of pediatric patients is integrated into general dermatology clinics and is further emphasized in weekly pediatric clinics at our Red Creek clinic location with our pediatric dermatologist on faculty. Residents also gain experience in the management of complex pediatric dermatology during their consult rotations where they routinely care for pediatric patients at Golisano’s Children’s Hospital. Formal didactics are led by our faculty pediatric dermatologist as well as national guest lecturers.

Inpatient Dermatology Consultation

Dermatologic manifestations of systemic medical conditions are an integral part of medicine and offers a unique scope of pathology that would otherwise not be seen in the outpatient setting. Residents are able to work one-on-pone with a dedicated dermatologic hospitalist, Dr. Molly Plovanich, who directs our inpatient consult rotation. Each resident spends one month on inpatient consults in which he/she may evaluate a new-onset skin condition in the hospital setting at the request of another service. Under the supervision of Dr. Plovanich, the resident may encounter dermatologic emergencies as well as common drug eruptions or rare pathology unique to this setting in acutely sick patients.  Residents have the opportunity for continuity by seeing hospital follow ups on Friday mornings during Dr. Plovanich’s urgent outpatient clinic.

Specialty Clinics

We pride ourselves in providing a broad and comprehensive education, encompassing all aspects of Dermatology.  Additional focused specialty clinic enrich our resident curriculum. Please visit our faculty pages for additional information.

  • Adult Blistering Diseases
  • Advanced Pigmented Lesions and Cutaneous Oncology Clinic
  • Atopic Dermatitis and Allergic Diseases
  • Cancer Center Lymphoma Clinic
  • Community Health: Monroe Community Hospital
  • Pediatric Vascular Anomalies
  • Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Psychosomatic Dermatology
  • Rheumatology/Dermatology