Welcome to the Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program

Brett RobbinsThe goal of our Med-Peds program is to ensure that each of our residents is well prepared to enter the practice setting of their choice. Our graduates have pursued careers in primary care practice, subspecialty practice, research fellowships, public health careers, hospitalist positions, and international health practice.

Our Med-Peds program, one of the very first in the nation, has evolved tremendously over the years. Even with this growth, we've retained our philosophy of integrated, rigorous training in Medicine and Pediatrics and we remain flexible and agile enough to help all of our residents pursue their individual career paths.

The longevity of our program has allowed us to experience a wide variety of residents and career paths, and to tap into a vast alumni base for career advice and counseling.

By applying for a Med-Peds residency you are acknowledging your desire to care for patients of all ages. We have discovered over time that to accomplish this in four years it takes a unique type of person. We look between the lines, scores, and letters to find people who have these five qualities:

  1. Adaptability — Two residencies, 48 rotations, days, nights, clinic, inpatient, ICU
  2. Perspective — In the midst of the occasional bad day, maintaining focus on the larger goal and situation
  3. Inclusive — Actively welcoming diverse perspectives makes us better
  4. Team Player — Medicine is a team sport
  5. Kindness and a Sense of Humor — Residency should be fun, who you do it with matters

I look forward to meeting you.

Brett Robbins, M.D.