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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the application deadline?
The first week of December. Late applications make scheduling interviews difficult, and most applicants will have submitted their applications by early November.
When will I hear if I am going to be offered an interview?
The selection committee starts reviewing applications in September and we begin sending some interview invitations as early as the 3rd week of September. We continue to offer interviews on a rolling basis throughout the interview season.
What visa type is offered for PGY-1 residents?
The University of Rochester supports only the J-1 visa for Graduate Medical Education.
What USMLE scores do I need to be considered?
A passing score on USMLE Step 1 is required before an interview will be granted. There is no specific cutoff passing score; applicants are considered on an individual basis.
What is your graduation medical school cut-off date?
Typically, no more than 10 years.
What if I can't interview on one of the scheduled dates?
Speak with the program coordinator. In exceptional cases, including personal hardship, alternate visits can be arranged.
What is the working environment like at URMC?
Residents and faculty have a strong relationship that is shared both among the pathologists as well as the staff and external faculty. There is a sense of cordiality and friendly camaraderie in a comfortable working environment.
What can you tell me about the freedom to customize my residency curriculum and add additional learning opportunities? How adaptable is the residency?
Outside the set guidelines determined nationally for all programs, the program here is very open to adjusting schedules as well as providing support for requested electives and individual endeavors. Overall the curriculum allows most residents to finish all of the required rotations by the end of their 3rd year, allowing the majority of the 4th year freedom to focus on rotations of personal interest.
How do the other departments feel about/treat/interact with the pathology residents? How do the departments interact?
Our department is viewed with a great deal of respect. The residents that have come before have been pleasant, hard-working, and intelligent. Every member of the hospital has committed to the ICARE philosophy, practicing inclusion, integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. As a result, the hospital really has an amicable atmosphere.