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Environmental Health

Environmental Health researchers in the Department of Public Health Sciences investigate the associations between exposure to environmental agents and human health. 

We study and characterize the etiology of environmentally induced illnesses, examining a wide range of exposures, including: 1) particulate and gaseous air pollutants, such as ozone and ultrafine particles; 2) toxic metals, including lead and mercury; 3) chlorinated, fluorinated and brominated organics, including those originating from the use of flame retardants and non-stick materials; 4) chemical exposures from the use of durable and household goods, foods and personal care products (triclosan, phthalates, parabens, bisphenol A); and 5) exposure to unconventional oil and gas development (i.e. hydraulic fracturing).

We investigate their effects on a variety of clinical and molecular human health outcomes, assessed across the lifespan. Our population-based studies are conducted regionally (e.g. Rochester, and Finger Lakes region in New York), nationally (e.g. Colorado, Pennsylvania), and internationally (e.g. China, Slovak Republic, Republic of Seychelles).

Program Faculty

Elaine Hill, PhD

Philip K. Hopke, PhD

Todd Jusko, PhD

Camille Martina, Ph.D.

David Rich, ScD, MPH

Edwin van Wijngaarden, PhD, MSc