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Alumni Perspective - Ikechi Konkwo

Ikechi Konkwo

Ikechi Konkwo

Why Preventive Medicine

I worked intensively and extensively amoung underserved peoples for a long time and fully understand the place of disease prevention and wellness in the face of restricted resources, so I chose preventive medicine.

Program Uniqueness

This program allows you a 'structured' space to explore your interests and stretch yourself in a way most programs do not.

Program Recommendation

If you have more than a passing interest in disease prevention and public health policy, you are looking at the place that will give you the skill set to position yourself correctly going forward in your chosen field.

What Did You Learn Here

You get the demand you place on your mentors, If you place no demands, you cheat yourself. Your appetite to learn encourages teachers to reach beyond themselves for you.

Best Part Of Living In Rochester

The big farmers' market. It is the best!!

Research Interests

How much do performance metrics influence provider behaviors in relation to healthcare quality improvement? Can we objectively hardwire those positive habits?

Research Goals

None. I am currently building my practice profile and navigating requisite certification channels.